Adult carry commando 27 years old female by jorgebunny-db484ee
Adult Carry Commando

One of the soldiers that don't play she has a bad attitude and she means business. In game or tv  episode

She don't play 

She's a fine schoolteacher that teaches the way of using your weapon Gun Speed and many other techniques for good of learming.

She's a fine soldier many techniques to learning from her as she does need to change class to improve her Power)%0 To a 100% 

she is a one handed  neutralizar gun shooteer.

she is a fast shooter of neutralizing the enemies and robots.

She can also hack into spaceships title ships and all Ships and egg man to.

She can disable their guns and shield.

her mission is always on the ball. To stop the Black Red ribbon Army.

From invading sonics world there are hundreds of there army.

( The Commandos Mission is to Stop The Blace Red Ribbon Arny from taking over and spreading.

There Mission through the sonic history.)

You should know for every. Sonic game they can change class.

Of their beinning start plus the towers of their power doesn't last very long in years or less.

So The towers will turn them back of there beginners and disappear.

The towers power will return back evey year or less.

Towers are like chaos emeralds. So now you no now. ****Done****^_^/ BYE!?

More Soon