Sonic And Baby Greed Team

Sonic And Baby Greed Team

SEGA Logo Finishes. 

This One comes Next.

The Blue

One Represents Sonic.

But The Sun

Passes Over him

To Show is

New Son Light Greed logo of Baby Greed

New come.

It's a wonderful beach time when you hear it.

And this is

Where it Starts.

Once again

This logo and all can be improved.

And change in a different way Bye Sonic Team. 

And startup Sega Symbol

For the Preciation  of the SEGA Symbol Long old symbol will always be remembered.

Give Thanks to the people who had SEGA 1

They Work so hard to make wonderful Games and they tried

To secede.

They came up with so many characters and they made it through lots of times with them.

What all those games they had in their hands

They fought many battles and try to succeed

So Many Games so many comic books so many times and old time.

It is time to remember them.

Take 30 minutes to remember.

Now I pass out this new SEGA Symbol Blue and Green.

If this game wins SEGA 2 will be Created Sega will become SEGA 2 UPGRADE.

The Blue Beacon Cut in half calls Blue and Green Representing Sonic and Baby Greed

A Permanent Symbol as a New Baby Connected to Sonic Call it Team Work SEGA 2

There will be a background Spaced line.

Baby greed will be hiding behind SEGA symbol peeking at Sonic

The baby plays hide and go seek with sonic.

Sonic is wondering why is the Sega symbol gray

Sonic is Thinking something is not right.

All of a sudden he hears a giggle

Coming from the back.

Sonic goes to the back and finds out what was that sound.

Baby Greed jumps to the top of the S

Sonic continues to find out what was that Sound

Baby Greed taps on Sonic Head

Sonic looks up and says hey.

Baby Greed Jumps on A then the Baby Greed says uh oh.

Baby greed falls off the A lands on Sonic Stomach then the Music started SEGA 2
Let's Go to New world Baby Greed SEGA 2 Green All Team Color

Let's Go to New world Baby Greed SEGA 2 Green All Team Color

 Baby Greed  looks at Sonic with a smile face. And say 'I Love You Daddy you're my big big Super Hero^-^!?'

And Give a Big hug to Sonic and then the SEGA Symbol turn back blue and green

And Sonic Gave a big thumbs up at the screen and end it.