Let me talk about it

Let me talk about it

This will come clear to you.What i mean

Baby boy Greed
And the rest of his friends, including his adversary shadow. 

Wants to destroy him, he is waiting for him to grow up.

He will not let him die until he gets his hands on him first.

It looks like sonic is in the big house of numbers against his baby.

They're all out to get him anyway.

Baby Greed The Hedgehog and grows up to become.

(Greed The Hedgehog)? This character can also be on sonic X episodes Baby Boy Greed in the future.

This character is very strong for a baby.

And powerful no one ever seen before.

He came from another galaxy within credible power.

Is no ordinary baby.

He a mega life form.

More Soon Now listen people.

Any kind of character in Sonic team to wheel baby greed, power and control his energy and use it against the enemy.

You think sonic. Is going to wield his power completely for the rest of his life.

Not by a long shot.

Other characters will get their chance to use his power and probably shadow, but it will be in a dark way baby greed.

Will look dark on side, he will go to reverse way.

You know the shadow is dark, he has the power of darkness.

So he will go the opposite way.

The evil way.

And the rest of the heroes will get their chance.

To save the world in a Dark way or Light way.

Amy knuckles tail big silver would have different kind away of baby energy.

 I got one thing to tell you. 

Of silver.

Silver has dreams life will be you will see.

So I thought of something of his power of his energy from baby greed.

He will be the distance star of Silverlight lightning.

Of the master of galaxy Silverlight hedgehog master of energy.

Way powerful and cool.

A baby energy controller.

But that'll be one day before they can wield his power.

They will all get their chance of using his energy. 

In trying out the superpower of different ways of energy master controllers.

Including tails.

Would he have a fun distance baby greed? Let's talk about him, yes.

Baby Greed The Hedgehog 3D SEGA 2 By Jorge P

The beginning when he appeared in the mystic ruins in front of the knuckles.

This is what he look like a real baby boy.

And automatically he was in a ritual.

It's him same hair and when he changed into a hedgehog he became even younger his clothes Got BIG.

all he was wearing is his diapers that was all he was wearing at that time when he changed.

But don't worry you can still call him a boy.

Even if he is a hedgehog.

He can still wear human clothes.

As a baby in the game.

When baby boy greed looking at knuckles.

He was wondering who are you? that's when the chaos emeralds lifted him into the sky.

And a big ball of energy started flowing around him.

And he started to glow a ritual was starting.

To give to baby boy greed.

It was time for him to become even stronger and turn into a hedgehog.

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Baby greed in 2d

This hedgehog used to be a boy he is different than all the Put together in the world.

This is a New Hero Baby Greed The Hedgehog is Sonic Son.

He is a New Hero Soon Be add To Sonic Team

he is a Baby, But he can go through World Zone Stages.

And Missions he does exist in Google Chrome He's in color But not in Animation You May find him here. > [2]

Baby Greed The Hedgehog 2 years by Jorge P and JorgeBunny Created Character on 2001 the Strike of Christmas on Christmas Eve 11-59-49
his age is 3 in a half

As he grows up they grow
as he grows up.

They grow up they will become the size of a SUPER EMERALD in Baby Greed Body and Heart.

Too young and old they are small in his body, For young they will come out. as tiny Baby Chaos emerald. For older they will come out as BIG Super Chaos Emerale

The Drawing Does Exist

This is a Special Drawing

09/02/14, 11:22 AM UTC-4

Untitled drawing by jorgebunny-d7y0hg0 Chaos Emeralds Energy Red Or a Nightmare
Maybe in the Future Sonic Team will Bring him to Life it was Created by me  Not Copy By Sonic or Others. New hero.

This was created after Shadow  The Hedgehog was born his Birthday.

Christmas Eve Time and Days 12/24/2001

Time 11:59:49:Second the Strike of Christmas Clock

Baby Greed in a fossil.

this Baby is Very Powerful he has Unlinited Energy And The Chaos Emeralds created New Chaos Emeralds in him.

Every Night When He Sleep it Could Happen Weeks or 30 Days.

The Chaos Emeralds Will Come out of his Body and make him stronger Every Night He screams in Pain.

Any always says >.< no Power i cant i cant cant no more no more it to i to tooo Much)) and he Starts Crying.

Every Time he have that Power Increase

The Power increase is were The New Chaos Emeralds in him are trying to evolve to it Maximum Growth>>>

The More Stronger it Growth The More Powerful he Gets

Villains are after his Power Like EggMa

if he Capture that baby he will be the most PowerFull Man in the World.

And Finally Have his Dream Robotnik Land The Ultimate City Easy to Control his Power this is what it would look like if he was in a fossil.

Or having Powerful in Increasing Energy.  


Cause him to have an extremely high fevers Even caused his body to smoke And he will be crying crazy Chaos Emeralds with ICE up his body to control the heat inside of him that could take 5 minutes to cool down his body Wait in the future he was destroyed back then he was nothing body broken shell fossil with green ghoul You can call it blood from a broken shell of a egg Of his baby self Back then in the third  Past He was destroyed in the zare ate him left nothing but a shell of green slime in the third past the castle still there untouched.

The egg was still up there for a long time untouched it was nothing but a ghost castle.


It's sad to see a broken shell in the castle of its table.

Of the King's bedroom very sad you walk up stairs to see  if he still alive but he isn't it's just a shell.

Of his baby blood, you probably cry it was too late to save the little guy even if Sonic was there It will be too late to save the little guy.

But sonic did go.

Back there and found the shell.

He fell to the ground and cried my son I failed to save you the future is over.

There's no hope now all we have left is your shell The warrior sonic never left the castle he stayed in that castle room by baby greed Ruined shell. and never stop crying as he looked at It was a sad moment in the past he never left the castle all he can do is dream did his end will come.

He was an adult a great warrior he had the sort of kimchi but it was not enough to take him down with that Sonic was miserable all you can see the tears in his eyes  A the warrior just guarded the castle there was nobody there but him he was like a man in a castle alone every time he set by the ruined egg.

He cried it was just no hope left.

The end was coming for him and it did.

And it destroyed everyone the planet blew up and there was nothing.

Someone blew up the planet and it was Sonic.

Sonic had a powerful bomb they can blow up.

A planet sky high and everything on it everyone was dead even zare dead The Baby is Special That was in the third future and past. this is the last past he is born nothing happened to him he still alive.


Even >Scourge the Hedgehog<> can use is Power to whatever he thinks of how to use it he can also become Super Scourge the Hedgehog if he can control his energy it's Probably going to be a lot of Earthquakes he does

he will Probably Change Super when if he got control of BabyGreed Energy He will Be invinsible

Not only that There is also a dark fusion.  

This is reverse.No fusion crystal. is required this is a dark Fusion The Scourge can.

Take control of Baby Greed body and become the dark orc Master scourge.

This Scourge holds dangerous daggers of the orcs power and leaves no mercy to the enemy like.


you'll be saying Cool  I want to play with scourge the orc  -_- sorry this is just a future.

If it did happen oh my goodness would that be a firework it will be nothing but a fire show in earthquakes everywhere raging thunders In the world. causing earthquakes everywhere just over that baby.

My goodness, it will be nothing but a show

There is a good fusion and bad fusion The bad.

Fusions represent means no Fusion crystals required The good fusion represents the straight way Fusion crystals required to release the good fusion.

But BabyGreed The Hedgehog is not the Same Color ass Scourge the Hedgehog BabyGreed The Hedgehog is Light Colored Not Copy By Scourge the Hedgehog eater

The baby represents good and bad Fusion. Fusion Bad------------ Baby Greed normal------------Good Fusion

Let's just say if there was a bad hedgehog Baby greed will become super baby Greed demon.

If it was the last level it will become a devil Master of darkness.

That's what I'm talking about scourge if he reaches that level

But if it was Sonic Baby Greed  will become white wing then the last Level Super baby greed Angel its bad or good Fusion  what side road would you go to.

Don't worry it won't be his fault.

Only the one who be in control of that will be their fault.

Like scourge or not.

But don't worry again scourge can still go to the straight way.

Too the good fusion way that is if he wants to but you know scourge he doesn't go that way.

He goes the easy way dark fusion way the bad way.

what side would you choose for him of a fusion Don't worry there will be no bad Hedgehog.

Will control him that he will team up with maybe shadow. ? no way.

And his Eyes are different he was once a boy But he chose his Path to becoming an animal for the Rest of his life it's because he had a family with Sonic And Knuckles Tails Amy <.< Cream And others Babygreed hedgehoh Doesn't like Cream The Rabbit it was bad thing she did him that made him hate her it in the book

this baby is no ordinary Hero Sonic Chose his Path to Protect Him From villains Zare Eggman and New Boss Dr. Sheila and other things is it Guardian Now BabyGreed The Hedgehog can Become a Super BabyGreedthere are 9 level here are The level Sonic he can also Become that Those levels Because BabyGreed give Energy to the Original Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Making his stronger to at a limit with him

Good <Sonic  it did happen this is a theory Bad <Scourge

Super Baby Greed Level 1 New] [Super Dark Baby Greed Level 1

Super Baby Greed Level 2 New] [Super Dark Baby Greed Level 2

Super Baby Greed Level 3 New] [Super Dark Baby Greed level 3

Angel Baby Greed Level 4 New] [Demon Baby Greed Level 4

Angel Baby Greed Level 5 New] [Demon Baby Greed Level 5

Super King Angel Sonic and Baby Greed Level 6 New] [Devil Master Scourge and Baby Greed Level 6

Super King Angel Sonic and Baby Greed Level 7 New] [Devil Master Scourge and Baby Greed Level 7

Super King Angel Sonic and Baby Greed Level 8 New] [Devil Master Scourge and Baby Greed Level 8

Super Ultimate King Angel Sonic And Baby Greed Level 9 New] [ Ultimate Dark Lord Devil Scourge and Baby Greed Level 9

??????????????????????????????????????? Level10G New]???????????????????????????Level10B

Also in Special Starge Super Riders Baby Greed and Sonic Go Go Goooooooo

Super White Wing Baby Greed In Tournament Race Finals

the world of diamonds and beautiful things BabyGreed Energy is Going Crazy it is Time for BabyGreed to be Come Super White Wing BabyGreed BabyGreed from the Energy inside him he will be able to fly unlimited with his wings will flop like a dub or Bird and its wings glitter like Stars it's Beautiful like Nights but beautiful then that he is a Fast Flyer his Small Wings like a Child Wings Energy he can carry Sonic as a Flying Race or a Battle Race or Normal Race this is Not Chaos Emeralds Power it Energy Power That Come From his Body Energy will Glow around him i Say it's very cool he can Carry Sonic when he flying he doesn't get tired when he Flys this only works na Place of Energy like Diamond World Special Stage Racing The Energy of the Wind in World Revolves around Crystals

this can only work if sonic had Chaos Emeralds all 7 and then the power will be connected to each other

the original Chaos Emeralds are the Controller of the baby ones in Baby Greed The Hedgehog

he likes Riding on Heroes Backs Well He Baby like it the power of his Shoes Makes Heroes go faster if he's Riding is very Fast kind of he's got the Speed of Amy Very Fast at Flying i have a feeling Sonic will be able to keep up him if he Super White Wing Baby Greed it'll Probably be hard Even if Sonic was Super Sonic it won't be enough to keep up with a flyer in the sky Sonic will Probably have to Jump others Path to Passing him

this baby is not Normal He Dangerous to the World BabyGreed

here are BabyGreed Strength>

Here the baby greed the hedghog move speed and abilites ok

Speed the speed is the same as amy rose or be on sonic it can be upgraded

cryingl Star ★

New move a fake cryingl1% use it you're captured by hero or villain the loud cry is very strong they will put you down see if your okay then you be able to get a way if your cry are not strong you will be captured it can be strengthened try cry in the mystic ruins to strengthened it can be upgraded it knock eggmen ears out

Power Star ★★

Powerllllllllllllllllllllll25% kids punch it can be upgraded?

Dodgingl Star ★

Dodgingl1% it can be upraded?

Strength star ★

Strength 1% if they have you in their hands use all your strength to get out their hands try moving around like a Chao to get of their hands it can be upraded to 100%

Defense Star ★

Defense1% it can be upraded to 100% defense where they will grab you

★★★★★ Star Spins

Spins lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll50% it can be upraded to 100%

Jumps are the same Amy Cream Knuckles Tails and Sonic it learns for heroes

Tantrum Star ★

New move Tantrum l1% it can be upraded to 100% this move is to steal items from the hero like mik Rings probably Knckles Master Emerald and other such items that youcan use

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Star speed power

Super speed lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll150%speed power

Super baby greed the same speed of super sonic the hedgehog

★★★★★★★★★★10 Turning Star

Turning llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll100% execellent

★★★★★★★★★★★★12 Really effective Star

Chaos Control Time abilities lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll125% really effective

★★★★★★★★★★★11 star Power Effective

Chaos Control Mirrorllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll110 effective

These abilities can be upgraded and the Mystic Ruins or the Sky Ruins and the Forest Ruins

Only if greed the hedgehog is age 3 that all

BabyGreed Listen in Amy House Mostly Taking Care of him

Sonic Trying to have fun with him take BabyGreed too so Much worlds BabyGreed

Enjoy so Much Fun with Sonic there are the Perfect Team

Not Just Sonic Tails To

everybody said what is he he's different where did he come from he's not from this world he is different from a hedgehog what is he Well he came from another planet on the other side of the galaxy.

He Was in the machine hooked up to so many Energy cords on him the machine was giving him energy He was a baby boy Back then way into the future.

He was in the machine did you know he was an ultimate life form to.

As well but he's called Mega Life form but Greater than the ultimate life form.

This machine has a big brain it was smart. anyone who can close to the baby would be terminated. this child with special to the machine it was making him so strong like it was working all day on him.

Giving him all the energy he needs to stand up to a most powerful monster or anybody who came his way That include Shadow the Hedgehog He is no ordinary baby.

This master Machine jacked up all of its powers to make him so stronger than anyone who ever faced him. The machine has so many courts all over his body to the top and bottom and back including his brain its had over 50 of them Machine said.  

Initiating be transferring to ultimate life form to a crossing over to mega  life form t- 95%  he was still an ultimate life form he was just crossing over To a mega a life form.

The Machine was very very smart and it was making him smarter to This machine was Constantly working as fast as he can to increase every single body on him.

To being the strongest boy out there in the galaxy or on the other side of Sonic's planet.

He was completely jacked up with so many cores it was like a machine but he was still a baby boy he was just connected with so many machine wires of energy.

You could see  tubes filling up his body with light it was nothing but white water.

Going to his body The white water was energy power it was filling up his body with energy His body was getting stronger every day.

The machine was constantly working as fast as he could before someone gets him.

Did the machine Succeed.

Yes it did turning him into a mega life form yes he did he completed him but the machine was destroyed by the. monster it was looking for him but it was too late for him to get him.

Already left the future and  blasted off to a new world of Sonics world He made it to this world.

And now Sonic is taken care of him and he's becoming even smarter than he's ever known and a new adventure a rise for him. on this game A mysterious place where he landed but could it still be there it was never exist.

The place were sonic destroyed it all or could it still.

Be there they say it has healing crystals there that has energy. that he needs or could the sword be there of kimchi.

Power still lie hidden in that world is it still exist called quartz-quadrant No one will ever find the mystery of the sword it's a most powerful sword can destroy anyone the sword is hidden somewhere in that place.

Called  quartz-quadrant?

in that world if it doesnt. its just its destroyed but the sword is there somewhere hidden.

That whoever will that most powerful sword will be the most powerful.

Hedgehog in the world. but will it be enough The sword will never be found for a long long time they don't even know if Exist.

So right now it's completely unknown to the world and the game.

And the sword was given to him to stop a monster.

In that world if it doesn't. It's just its destroyed, but the sword is there somewhere hidden.

That whoever will that most powerful sword will be the most powerful.

Hedgehog in the world. But will it be enough The sword will never be found for a long, long time they don't even know if Exist. so right now it's completely unknown to the world and the game.

And the sword was given to him to stop a monster.

When he was older, but lost the sword.

This baby can control the chaos emeralds and use their powers against the enemy

What is baby greed moves. As a baby in this game 

Energy Spin Star

Double Spin Drive>