Cha Cha The White Rose

[[[1]]] is a Master of Dancing.

How Strong Could You take him? It will be difficult to beat him.

He's a different kind of hedgehog from the Texas.

Or Mexico

He Knows Karate more soon

1 is Spinning Raipur

It's a Special Move that is.

That is very Deadly

With those spinning kicks


He has a lot of Fame by Dancing Big Star.

You will hundred percent You will Love Cha Cha Everytime he dance for The People And it doesn't matter what Music/Song.

You play.

Or what Music/Song he Plays it's his fannot at Night.

Night is his time to shine.

From the beginning He learned to dance why a wonderful Mexican was from another country, it's mostly from the most powerful dancers in the entire world that he found learning from them.

He learned the to dance when he was just a child from every single country, including DJ dance But mysterious about a Mexican that travel through time.

The Way into the future, past sonic time.

The baby child calls cha cha fell in his pouch.

And went through time with him was.

Who was that Mexican name? That found his time, his destiny was finding the answers about something, it's going to happen to his time.

The Mexican was running out of time to figure out how to stop it.

Strangely to know the Mexican found a baby in his pouch.

It seems he found Prince that was going to be a king of the Mexican tribe.

But sadly to notice it was too late to stop it he came Zare.

Destroying everything to find the child the baby fell in the machine.

What was supposed to take him back in time, But it was no Time to reach for the baby the monster didn't see the child because he was falling in every single machine.

And falling out the machine was randomly doing something to him until he hit the final machine that was supposed to be the one for him.

This machine wasn't no ordinary machine the child fell into another machine as Zare drew the machines searching for the child the baby fell out of the machine and fell into a machine that was supposed to be smart.

And become a great dancer and not only that partly ultimate life form.

To become king of dancing the child fell into the black machine of smart dancers.

It was supposed to make him brave and learn karate and so much more it had so much data that was transported to the baby the machine made him smart.

And turned him into an ultimate life form what time was he in he was on the planet of satirists time.

How did the Mexican find satirists planet and how did he find the time of the Mexicans castle the baby was turning into an ultimate mutant dancer.

Becoming smarter and stronger zare was starting to pick up a strong smell was coming from one machine that he couldn't find.

The smelled Was getting stronger as his eyes turned red for a beating of the child's death, his mouth starting to drool I smell a child getting stronger where is he his dinner to me.

The monster grabbed the Mexican and picked him up and told him where is this child, he's preceding my strength the North's satirist planet will be destroyed once I finish it and I will hunt down these last two twins baby's that supposed to proceed to destroy me completely.

There will be no future for them and this one as well.

Where is he said The Mexican will not say a word, but he did say I was so close to stopping you that will still be a chance to stop and you.

Zare said 'you think you can stop me crazy Mexicans I promise you there will be no longer Mexican family here you all will be blown sky high when I find him.

And I want you to know your planet had the answers to stopping me a simple.

Force flower.

So close to making that power of a child becoming the force flower answer but we destroyed him.

Before he could be awoken to stop me he was sleeping away in the machine water.

He was simply turning into a forest child legend mega child.

We found it and we didn't waste any time to stop him.

What we did is drop poison in the water.

But it was not enough poison wasn't working it had no effects because he was a plant that can absorb poison.

It was like we were too late to stop him it was like we were too late, he was about to become something that can destroy us so we did the last thing.

Connect our slide to his body and covered him as fast as we could with.

Poison the plant was fighting it trying to drive it away we couldn't get close to him what we did the last thing gave him a shot stuck needles in his body and gave him deep death.

The poison was taking the effects on his body at last he died in the water, but he did his final trick cut my arm with his poison, but it always comes back that would've been a series trouble kid.

And I never can defeat that only leaves two left now.

Two babys.

Twin baby girl and a baby boy that I seek. Now that could destroy the as well, but is not a strong like that one on that planet I was simply feared of it and I hate to go back there again.

I'm still scared of it, but it's already burning away.

The planet, it's over there you fail to get the one to stop me.

Your chances now are too late.

I want you to know that planet is heading here and there's no way to escape here because already destroyed all your ships I have no reason to take you all out because that planet looks like a ball of fire.

That is heading to this one and once it reaches here you both are going to collide with it and blow up sky high.

Your army of Mexicans has failed to protect the child, I destroyed it, now I have no reasons to stop you all going to be destroyed by me.

Why me the planet is going to destroy you ha ha ha ha the Mexican went through time said you will not succeed of the twins You're too far away from it you will not get one of them at all, even if you got one of the twins, they will still be one more and he will make it and he will be safe and he will stop you and he will know what you have done.

So zare left the planet and they try to escape to the portal the portal started to close.

They didn't make it, but they managed to get the baby back to his home time.

But they didn't make it, they were burned away and blew up with the planet, not one made it.

Only a hand through the child through the gates onto the baby crib and the baby room.

And that baby is cha-cha. Has become something new from a machine.

And that's why he is ultimately a mega master dancer. He grew up to be a charming hedgehog, but bored.

Never to find the love one and that's how he was frozen in time and met Amy Rose.

All of that chaos when he was a baby he didn't even know where he came from before that time travel with the legendary Mexican galaxy legend Mexican hero.

Name Brian the King.

Died a long time ago as this very day cha-cha still around.

But all of those troubles he's been through Is finally over or is it not a new time begins in this game


Cha Cha Says ' more soon