Welcome To Hatsune Miku in JP Zone 1

This is high flying speed and slow zone.

How good are you in high speed.

Of Hatsune Miku it start easy.

And that it starts hard. How good are you against dancing.

And tap tap.

Riddim Show me what you got.

To be a Start of a Dancer and Tap Tap Riddim.

Of Hatsune Miku Sonic team/ Sega team. You can move this to the right area if its not.

A match to your symbol.

But if.

Hatsune Miku & Megurine - Prism Door

I gotta write is it in the right zone.


Prince (- fake doll

1 [[1]] Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka - Prism Door

2 [[2]] 8#Prince ( - fake doll

3 [[3]] Miku Hatsune - Yellow

4 [[4]] Hatsune Miku - Strobe Nights (RAM RIDER remix)

5 [[5]] Hatsune Miku - Laika

6 [[6]] Hatsune Miku & Megpoid Gumi - MATRYOSHKA 7 [[7]] Yuru fuwa jukai girl

8 [[8]] Hatsune Miku - Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu

9 [[9]] Hatsune Miku - ChaiN DestructioN (Shiirn) [Climbb & Kana's

10 [[10]] Hatsune Miku - Glutamine - Babylon Sad, but beautiful song p.s Contents [show] Bonus Stage

Hatsune Miku - World Outside


1 [[11]] Hatsune Miku - World Outside

2 [[12]] Hatsune Miku - Light Song

Hatsune Miku - Light Song

3 [[13]] Hatsune Miku -Rolling Girl (Band Arrangement Chorus03:24Hatsune Miku Megurine Luka - プリズムドア Prism Door ***Cmpleted***


Stage One.

Is an Easy track, it's Just Perfect. For your dance. 

And Tap Tap rhythm as long as you keep up with the Music/Song and tapping.

For a Perfect Shot of the circle dance.

And a Perfect Score to unlock.

The Bonus stage,

There's only going to be. 2 stages you could play complete 2 stages to unlock the next 2 Stage.

You have to have a Perfect and easy and normal.

To unlock 2 Stages Or Easy if you can only beat 5 hard stages and have a lease 3 perfect on 3 hard stages.

You will unlock the bonus stage there is also extreme.

Stage if you pass eight stages with the Extreme difficult one.

You will unlock the bonus stage, But if you complete hard Normal or Extreme.

With a hundred Percent in a perfect in all stages including bonus stage.

You will unlock Hatsune Miku prizes and a bonus token for complete The Extreme what, a hundred percent in all stages.

You will get 25 Tokens for 1 Special gift for any choosing in the world for one set of your choosing.

It can only work online if you earned a token and purchase an item online it will not work if you got another one offline.

The Tokens will disappear when you get online it cannot work offline. Remember, if you registered and sign up online it will automatically have a data.

That when you purchase the item.

So remember to choose wisely when you purchase an item online.

That's it for this for every stage that you pass it speeds up.

When you reach the 5th stage, it's going to get hard.

If you get on the six stage, it will speed up. However, she sings in the music moves its how fast you got to move with it ok. Make sense does it.


[Crypton Vocaloids] Zone 2 Edit

1 [[14]] [Crypton Vocaloids] 一緒に 歌って! 【VOCALOID Original Song】

2 [[15]] [mmd vocaloid & utau] dream fighter [rin & len kagamine, kriss futarine]

3 [[16]] Candy candy vocaloid- [gumi] w lyrics03:48English Cover【JubyPhonic】CANDY CANDY きゃりーめぐめぐ


5 [[17]] Rin & Len Kagamine - Suki Kirai - Magical Mirai 2013./ Let's Party


7 [[18]] Cover【jubyphonic】jitter doll (ritsu inspired ver.)



10 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bonus Stage 3 in Zone 2 Edit




4 [[19]] Just Be Friends

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Complete All The Zones To Unlock. The Final Zones, Special Stage The Best Stage And Tracks Do You Got What it Takes To Be a Star Sonic and Baby Greed Team. And The Rest of Them Show Me What You Got in This Zone.

Show me your Moves What You Got Final Stage a Special Zone Unlock < Hot Party Zone

1 [[20]] 1 Hour Vocaloid Mix/ All Team Level 1

2 [[21]] Vocaloid DJ Mix - Dance & Groove (Funk House DiscoTech House)/ Level 2

3 [[22]] Vocaloid DJ Mix Aoki Lapis The Blue Fairy Progressive House ElectroTrance/ Level 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

And Final Bonus Stage 1 Super Special Stage Modes Unknown Random Random Modes Power Unlock Edit

1 [[23]] Vocaloid DJ Mix Future Pop Music Synthpop 2 step GarageBreakbea


Final Bonus Stage Good Bye And Thank You For Playing. In Hatsune Miku Zone And Crypton Vocaloids Team Zone.

And OSL The End, This Zone Represent (((((Easy, Normal, Hard And Extreme Level Random Mix Mode))))) Morning, Afternoon Night and Midnight Complete All level of Final Stage a Special Zone To Unlock.

And Final Bonus Stage 1 Super Special Stage Modes Unknown Random Random Modes Power Dangerous Difficlt Mode Do You Have What it Takes to be a Hot Mega Master Show Me Your Moves And Give The People What They Want.

And Be A Star of The Music Song Come on Let's Go. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Level 1 Represents Morning to Afternoon Dance its best you take that one.

Ok Level 2 Represents Afternoon to Night Dance this one might be a little Hard.

Level 3 Represents Night and MidNight Dance this one will be Extremely Hard.

You Got to keep up with This Music and Song You might say.

They're singing.

Smooth and Slow But The real thing is how fast The Pointer Going in this case.

It Really Doesn't matter, it's still going to go fast and the characters with dance smoothly with the music.

Here's a special thing sometimes the artist will want to jump in the OSL Dance floor or the Arena and sing with the music.

That must because she loves to see all the awesome dance.

And she will want to Jump in and sing this music. And it can last for hours in the zone.

And i think this is an awesome, great idea. What do you think Hatsune Miku would you like to have a little fun with the players enjoying the Ride. ^_^

I think it would be fun to enjoy the party with them.

This is your zone. Your fun, your Party, Howerer you like it Join the party and your Team as well.

Have fun in yourself.

You will be able to add your new tracks on your zone as well. And Your Team To. HAVE FUN P.S OK, Now if you reached the half point of the Songs.

The world around you will start to turn Afternoon Night and Midnight Zone 1 would turn afternoon that means it will start to get a little hard.

The Same thing with Zone 2 Afternoon to Night.

And Zone 3 Night to Midnight. You get what i'm trlling you it'll get a little hard and eats Zone.

Sorry if you don't get what i'm telling you, it's the Levels.

Level 1 Level 2 and Level 3


If you pass this Zone Perfectly.

You will be Rewarded 1 time.

Big time you can only play and one mode

Easy, Normal, Hard Extreme Easy 25 Token Normal 50 Token Hard 75 Token and Extreme 125 Token Choose One Mode it Cannot Be Switch.

Once Chosen its a Permanent Mode. Choose wisely.

Token are meant to Buy items Fashion and So Much more ^_^ and don't forget they also have Baby Fashions and Baby Supplies.

Of Hatsune Miku))))) For Baby Greed Baby Cabela and Baby Gaius Be The Star of Hatsune Miku and Rest of them of The Team.

Let's Party in Hatsune Miku Zone Welcome To Hatsune Miku, and Crypton Vocaloids, Zone in Zone, 1 and Zone, 2 You can only Buy the Cool Fashion in the OSL an Artist Zone.

With the Baby Suplies as well Online So have Fun in the OSL and Artist Zone Meet up with your friends there. And who knows, you might meet up with The Team Hatsune Mikuin Zone. Online give Her a Heads up.

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