Metal greed the metal of power by jorgebunny-d8rjc0t

The blood will not show in the game. Or the bag of the blood. but all you can see is the red color.

That is it, but there will be a.

You can see Blood but it will have a password on the site.

For adults really want to see the full story.

Of Baby Greed Third future That tells of his blood in Game Story What happened in the dirt future will tell.

But E There will only Cuts Of the story that keeps the gruesome stuff out. And that goes for the other once to.

And those parts are rated M for mature.

That what you see what happens to the baby And you feel so sad what happened to him.

Them What a madman did to him in.

The Third future And (Amy).

P.SAnd who's the madman.

Alex Dr. Alex that said.

He save the world by one baby animal ??? In the third future.



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Number (2).

Is this one more.

The blue colors our laser flows.

Metal Greed will jump in the air release a most powerful Laser.

It makes a loud noise his whole entire body turned white and different colors.

It lights up the room and round sonic it's too bright. You better run away from this power or you're done for.

Sorry i me Green one hit kill no Ring Loss Die instantly.

The blue Laser.

You just get hit once. You loss Ring for getting hit by the blue laser.

OK -----------------------------

at the end of the back of the picture Metal Greed is in the Blue Color Laser flow releasing Particles to the Energy Ball.

He can also Move the Laser Energy Ball and different Direction Targeting Sonic The Hedgehog. 


[[1]]This is Dr. Alex this Machine under Egg Man The Follower of EGG MAN.

That man was another person who's never been found that man will do anything for Eggman.

And get what he wants even if he kill a (baby) like Baby Greed in third future where can he be in the sonic world. 

 1 the Green are Rocket they can fire at you Unlimited loading Rocket (2)> The Blue Link Connections it can create a laser in a fire at you unstoppable power. 3

It can also linked with Metal sonic and Transform to Mega Metal Sonic Greed 4 on the back of his Metal back body Opens up into Jet wings so he could fly. 5

On is Shoe he has propellers so he can sort through the water like.

Older Greed The Hedgehog. 6 on his long Hedgehog hair, this has pink smoke coming from his hair.

Do you know what that is? Baby Greed has been to that world the underworld of spirit souls.

We're Bella took baby greed to of souls where baby greed ended up and in place of the pink cloud world of energy. You're saying oh shoot that means whoever touches that could incidentally die if you have no energy.

What out chaos emerald energy dies< No Ring Loss you Die instantly Keep your distance from the hair.

If you have no Chaos Emerald Energy.

Find another way, but baby greed can go to it smells like spring smell to him. 7

From his hands, he can create giant balls of energy that you see on the picture.

But Baby Greed can do this too.

And the really deadly one shot kills you instantly with No Ring Loss.   

8 On his head at the end of his hair lie seeking missiles on his hair, that releases from his hair they are unlimited Seeking missiles  they reload.  

9 On his nose is a camouflage Beacon that last is 10 seconds.  

This only activates when there's a trouble occurs. 

10 it's machine stomach is very strong. It has a baby Chaos Emerald cracked intact to the machine.  

In the back is connected to sad and feared lost baby.

Name baby greed of the third future time.

Of a failure, death. All remains are the blood sample bag.

To keep the Baby Chaos Emerald from turning to stone. 

12 Inside the machine.

The back lies the poison and viruses inside that can kill an animal in seconds.

The machine has bottles.

Of capsules of poisons of different kinds the machine can create by blood samples it doesn't take the blood samples of baby greed It just scans it and makes a virus of different samples.

Of poison that can make you sick and die. 

Metal Tail
Metal Knuckles


The poison or sickness will go inside the long tubes traveling down into the shredder. The green circle is where the poison is and it will go inside the needles those needles will detect a body temperature. And it will sting them once stung it would inject the poison into the body. Then the hero will feel the effects slowly. Slowing him down having temperatures rising getting sick. Closer to death 

 The target probably hit the legs what ever hits it will get pray. 
Metal Sonic


 We all want to know if this will be metal sonic partner well.

Sonic Team  can decide that, but if metal greed encounter metal sonic probably be a friendly thing.

They'll probably look at each other in some subtle way I think the magnets will tell.

They're going to be friends, they both have the same goal and they'll probably team up for that but in this game he will be destroyed, but in is another Time Dr. Alex will build metal greed in this future.

But in another game if Sonic Team at the size to put metal greed with metal sonic on this one they will probably be a transformation.

But it will be  amazing for that they will encounter and become friends beyond on this one he just appears out of nowhere.

Seeking sonic the hedgehog looking to destroy him, he wants to terminate him because what he did to baby greed.

Baby  chaos Emerald is doing that because it thinks sonic abandon baby greed was supposed to protect him  so it's getting its revenge to destroy sonic and the rest of them.

And this thing is going for no mercy the baby chaos Emerald is completely confused.

And it's taking control of the robot.

That's what happened, he got banned because that so it seems.

He wants his revenge to the destroy sonic the hedgehog 


On the bottom of the shoe represents his speed. How fast he goes his legs are skinny, but very strong.

They made out of 10 times steel they can't be broken. 

Some say is speed is faster than sonic the hedgehog.

We don't know how fast he go.

Will have to find out in the game and plus he came from the third future.

That Was 10 times longer to this one is more advanced. 

14 Now this machine got some really accelerate spinning cycles.

He can go right through the rocks as he spends.

And he really spins really up in the air.

And goes directly into the rocks as he comes out through the rocks landing on the platform.

Also, his tailspin with him and as.

He jumps his tail can spend like a Boomer Ray.

As you trying to keep up with him sometimes you can get hit by his tail.

And it really makes a very deadly hit 

Or damaging hits. 

15 He's got really good agility that makes the fighting robot invincible. But how strongly could he be against sonic. 

16 On his cheeks has A sensor that is blue and green.

By his gray face.

It can detect any kind of creature that he's looking for.

He only came out of hiding at the time was right. He was absolutely watching sonic for a long time in this game.

If sonic was walking a loan he will be Hearing footsteps.

That would be him He would disappear in an instant if sonic turned his back.

Because he can camouflage himself in front of sonic.  

17 He could jump and spin his tail right at you.

Like a spinning top. 

18 Okay metal greed has built-in eyes.

That is a master screen if you ever heard of Robocop his screen is exactly like 


Is screen inside the colors of the letters are mostly blue green and it makes a sound just like Robocop.

Sound when it's finished typing it's words on the screen so if you ever vision Robocop screen it is exactly like that.  

It has his health battery power of energy it will say unlimited battery power energy 

His screen is been built with a master screen. This robot doesn't play nice 

He could detect any life form in the world. And will easily detect sonic the hedgehog no problem 

It means this robot can find any animal in the world. And he knows his first target is sonic the hedgehog.    

19 Now his brain built in a master computer.

With 100 memory cards. 

Whatever installed in this master brain. Is equipped with hundreds of memories wires.

And memory chips.

This is the smartest robot ever who walked on sonics world.

The scientist really puts a major work on this machine.  

20 Next his tail's.

Its tail is built-in with electric wires the pipe is completely electrocution.

If this hedgehog grabs you with his tail, he can electrocute you right there however long he holds you.

He will not let go of you to you fall.

You instantly die even if you try to struggle, there is no way out and he will electrocute you instantly.

But  if you broke free he will inject you with his poison before you escape.

And it will be a lot that can cause you to die faster than sticking you with a little bit. 

All four needles he will inject you with them if you broke free.

He will inject the four needles in you is fast as he can.

To get the poisoning  In.


21 Next is longhair can release hedgehog spikes that can really sting you hard and hurt you.

He will put his whole entire body to his feet and released his hair spikes all around him And spread all around the path where he's at making deadly hits.

Whoever's around him will get hit by him with electrocuted.

Or death./ 

Oh baby greed got this move to he also releases his spikes as well. 

22 Next he uses spin ball as a bouncing ball attack. Is the same as baby greed. 

But these are slower to his are not that great, but make brutal hits if you're not careful by those attacks. 

23 His speed attacks are far faster than baby greed. 

And he can come at you like a machine.

And he is a machine.  

24 Next, this is the transformation this is where metal greed 

become one with metal sonic. His size will be the size of the tallest building. 

To be more like the.  

Mark one master machine 

10 times stronger any other hero has experienced before. 

And stand before the tallest robot ever seen and set foot on the platform. 

(Ultimate transformation in One Machine) 

25 Next the mega billion ultimate power all combination robots that were long gone.

Metal knuckles, metal tails, and metal sonic, he has a hidden power to combine all three robots and rise up of the King ultimate metal  machine called (metal master metal sonic) giant robot in space.

The machine is an ultimate machine that got a metal shield, a metal sword, and unknown power attacks. 

This is an unknown power that was in metal greed that can unlock all robots that were once lost.

Complete equipped that's it ***completed*** 

(Ultimate Mega Power 4 Transformation in One Machine) 

And death means no ring lost instantly die. 

Final Stage The Future of Oblivious [[2]] Done