Let's Talk about Sonic The Legend Orc

in this stage.

There is nothing but lightning strikes a terrible stage with monsters and demons and

creatures wandering the streets everything in the city is in chaos.

Everything and The.

Monsters busting.


The glasses trying to take all the people and turn them into them this is the best Stage you ever

been to.

Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend orc Trying to stop Zare and Doom I can see Sonic the Elder

Hedgehog legend orc. 

Swing that axe as it thunders.

And rains his eyes are glared at the monster zare.

And doom This is one of this destroyed cities you ever see before Back in Sonic adventures DX it was.

Nothing but water, but this.

Time the water is feeling the darkness.

The world is becoming a darkness city.

That is black and red.


Constantly at the city and around the world, it's like a new rulers coming.

Zare and doom.

It's a nightmare At the city as Sonic The Elder Hedgehog legend orc tries to reach Zare.

And doom you'll see some of the buildings falling down, kind of a action.