Now He look Frozen  There insects to this monster he can easily pick up a rock and squash these babys. But you should know baby chaos emeralds wouldn't do that child because  Thereupon of  him. There blood pieces to him. There is body parts he is the controller of them including the monster. He's in control of its.  he can simply say pick up Ice rock throw it. Or crush shadow the hedgehog. lol I'm just joking


Frozen ice of the Tempest

Long ago when the baby chaos emeralds were never born

The greatest power has never existed

Unimaginable power. Has never flowed to sonics world.

Sonics world was simply normal no existence of baby greed the hedgehog.

And so much rumors and legends people has talk about has never existed on the side of sonics world.

The greatest power   will ever wield has never existed.

Until now a child is reached sonics world.

Until now baby chaos emeralds were created in place in the body of a child where they will live for all eternity.

In the world has opened up so much energy flow has started and flowing in sonics world as soon as he was grant it the power.

And some of the temples has risen from the ground waiting for the chosen one to enter and the. Tempest was awoken. And other hidden powers of the other six.

Was awoken time was beginning. New challenges were beginning. Awesome powers in the universe were about to show beyond sonics planet. And evil creatures were on their way to sonics planets.

Trouble was arising for sonics planets if sonic didn't act quickly

It'll probably be too late for baby greed the hedgehog time and is as well.

Know more about the tempest

Tempest of The Ice Gel the strongest man of the 

frozen ice.

The world has never known of the Tempest

They say these Tempest's are dead on the planets.

There are planets that are dead in the galaxy.

That shape of the seven chaos emeralds.

That reaches out to each shrine's planet.

What does this mean.

It means there are seven chaos emeralds that reaches to each part that are dead.

As soon as baby greed was one with the baby chaos emeralds.

Their stars lifted in  each seven planets.

That the race chose to bring back. From the seven dead planets.

That was one of them here

The power of the Tempest can only be shown on GX

And the rest of the seven only.

But  cheat code. Patch 

Can bring these Tempest to GR. And unlock his hidden powers.

Tempest are very powerful and many planets.

This special cheat code will cost money to get. In the near future.


Tempest of The Ice Gel the strongest man of the Tempest form Level 1

Tempest of The Ice Gel the strongest man of the Tempest form Level 1

Formed from another dead planet 

The ice tempest first level the strongest man.

extinct rare creature of sonic galaxy. The ice planet

Was a loss planet some say legends. About such things doesn't exist

People. Talk about theories of an ice monster

That lived on a. Ice planet and will melt sooner or later.

People say the planet will soon cross around the sun in sonic galaxy. Without knowing the planet was coming their way it will cross around the sun as close as it can be melting the ice planet as it rotates around destroying every single life on the ice planet.

Into that very day the planet became nothing but a fireball. As it left the sun returning back into the galaxy never freeze again. The planet was nothing but fire.

Inside the planet was a lava field and it will never freeze again. The planet was hot. Very hot.

The planet will never ever freeze again the planet was just like a sun.

A very big sun of a fireball. Everything was extinct. Including the ice gel.

Into that very day a baby greed the hedgehog brought him back by baby chaos emerald.

The thing is this effect cannot last very long as soon as the baby chaos emerald returns back into the child's body. The power of the Tempest will be lost.

The power cannot last very long its limited level 100. But if the level increases the monster can reach its second level and stay longer in its form or be on the level  2 to 4 Level  or?5?

Warning in order to use them

Yes you have to take good care of him in order to get tempest.

You'd think he grows on trees  you no. No

You think you call tempest at this level 1 and his needs at 0% NOOOOO

it doesn't work that way you have to take care him first

Baby greed the hedgehog has to be taking good care of.

You have to feed him change him clean him train him make it strong the talent show is the way and the OSL

teach him what is right and wrong.

And I'll hate to say this have to keep his diaper clean.

You will find baby greed becoming sad and tears whip from his eyes.

You want is thing you take good care of baby greed the hedgehog.

And he needs a lot of playing with. So you got to play with him spend time with him. it be fun. Those levels needs will increase in 100% if he gets there levels abound to the world around. You go through and teach him. His level will increase this only character bounds to levels and percentages of his needs and level.

Simulations is also a way to go and it will be your first task. To get him done I mean to get the work done with him

There are two ways in one you can go.

The needs you can start with or. Level him up

How does it work

You can start level him up  by doing what you do best with sonic the hedgehog.

What he does best in his story mode and his adventure mode pluse fighting modes

Racing mode like Sonic Riters. Baby greed the hedgehog will pick up some experience. To level up if he learns, and follows along with sonic The hedgehog.

He will get stronger but not gained . The needs. Probably the diapered. Needs

Because you find the meter zero that they and that's bad thing if you don't go back. And probably is feeding needs will also come to zero if he's not fed. Ok

And this is how you can get stronger from probably if you complete the whole entire world you will find the character a level 100.

The needs. It's all about simulation in Amy's house we have fun with him, outdoor him, play with him teaching  numbers read a book with him. Jan would him by playing with the radio. Dance with him pick him  throwing him up in the air catching.

That mode will really make him happy and he will start smiling in the hearts will fly increasing  the heart mode

Changing his diaper making sure he's clean and dry.

And so much more you can also take up to the kindergarten school and have fun with him. It's like you're my child and am going to teach you a lot and have fun which you a lot. This is when you're finished with your story mode and ever thing. So you sit back and relax and have fun with him. And finish off his last thing is needs

☀When you done all of this. You are ready to call for Tempest 

You can use Tempst for battles and much much more to player versus mode.

And special boss mode and wave fight.[4]

Tempest of the Ice Gel  Dragon of the raging queen Chinese form Level 2


Tempest of the Ice Gel queen alien snake form Level 3


Chaos 2. Tempest of the Ice Gel ancient alien  Surface form Level 4