Select your Character theme song the music It can be improved or changed by sonic team including all the other musics Sonic the hedgehog

Select Your Character Theme song Here [1] The one whose Got Story Mode are Them

Some Characters Sonic. Cannot Unlock. The other Characters have to do that.


Sonic The Hedgehog <1 Story Mode by 1 part. On different characters( Sonic The Hedgehog Unlock All The Characters. In The Story Mode

Baby Greed The Hedgehog <2< these will be parts of these characters with him

Miles Tails Prower ) Unlock one <Story mode by 1

Baby Cabela The Hedgehog Bunny) And Unlock to <2 these will be parts of these characters with her

Knuckles The Treasure Hunter) Unlock ) Unlock to Story Mode three by 1 

Baby Queen Jessica The Egypt Hedgehog ) Unlock Three 2

Tikal Unlock 3

Amy Rose Unlock Story Mode her on Baby Greed and Baby Cabela) by 1

Cha Cha The White Rose Unlock 2

Cream The Rabbit Unlock

Big The Cat Unlock Story Mode by 1 Froggy Problems

Ashley The African Hedgehog Unlock 2

Crazy Billy The Hedgehog Unlock

Goshen The Hedgehog Unlock

Baby Star Universe The Bunny Rabbit And Unlock Three)

Universe The Hedgehog Unlock To)

Shadow The Hedgehog Unlock one)

Rouge The Bat Unlock One

Parasite The Hedgehog Unlock To

Omega Unlock three

Silver The Hedgehog Unlock

Vector the Crocodile) Unlock One

Espio the Chameleon) Unlock To

Charmy Bee Unlock) And Three

Crocker The Black Alligator Rocker) Unlock one

Betsy the chipmunk) Unlock To

Jamar the squirrel) Unlock Three

Night Unlock


E102 Gamma The Chaos Power) Unlock Returns and Rebuilt By Dr. Sheila Unlock Three)

Baby Gaius The hedgehog Complete the full game to unlock one him)

Robots R 2 babysitter And Unlock to)


these characters are meant for Quest tasked questions and missions card challenges and puzzle challenges and command and build mission and quest. and to access more the base features. To give to the heroes and sometimes gifts and a access to the base. and online. And much much more. online and off-line You will not be able to play these characters in the game. But they will be able to help you and some sort of fights.. And probably fighting missions any sorts of fights they will be helping to you. They'll probably will fight which you in some places and online players which you if you don't have a team partner. they would join the fight which you.

Mission characters in the city in the world's and The base in the mystic ruins.

Commandos Mission givers

Commander shorts Quest and missions giver

Sludge The butterfly king Mission givers

This one is for the top team of sonic's team Top row List


Bottom row of the baby Gaius The hedgehog List

Egg Man Missions an quest

Metal sonic mission

Sonic Team Can add New characters If they want That is all the characters to the top.