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  1. Not complete
  2. Rated notice E only
  3. Ranodm Tract/ Tv Radio Station/ Game Here
  4. The Beginning
  5. Contents
  6. Story detail  
  7. Story mode  
  8. (Story Mode Wrting Characters Seem to Seem to talke in all) 
  9. Characters Gameplay and Controls
  10. Character Themes
  11. Enemies In The Buildings 
  12. Boss 
  13. Nightmare Bosses 
  14. Secret People Of Another Round Of Baby Greed Power Category
  15. Enecmies of the Street and Sky And Holiday Enemies
  16. People Of The Street Wondering Or Wlking And Standing Category
  17. Eggman Robots
  18. Holiday People Of The Street Wondering Or Wlking And Standing Category
  19. Enemy Of Darkness Of The Destruction Of City Square
  20. Last Evil Boss And One Curse Boss
  21. Cities 
  22. Arenas 
  23. OSL All Tracks of the World Challenge of the dancers and the music Tap Tap Online☀ 
  24. Baby Areas 
  25. Power up And Items
  26. Daycare areas 
  27. Kindergarten School 2-4 Years old Areas 
  28. Sports area
  29. Shopping mall area 
  30. Online system area 
  31. Controls 
  32. Gameplay
  33. Music
  34. Stages 
    1. Secret Stages 
  35. Unlockable 
  36. Gallery 
  37. System requirements 
  38. Limited Unlockable Key Card Online 
  39. Book of History of Characters 
  40. Unlockable Characters Secret 
  41. Unlockable Baby Fashion 
  42. Press Start Category 
  43. Menu selection 
  44. Options Categories 
  45. System Categories Startup 
  46. Demo of (Sonic and Baby Greed Avengers GR Palmtree lsland)
  47. House lsland
  48. Demo Stage
  49. Play as for Now Is Playable
  50. Boss
  51. Demo reasons


Not complete Edit

[4] [5] [6] m


''Sonic and Baby Greed Avengers GX The Rise Of The Chaos Fusion''

Quick Info

Developer(s) Sonic Team, Sega Studios
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows

Dreamcast 2 PlayStation 4 Wii U

Rating(s) *ESRB: E 3+7+10+
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Media Optical disk
Genres [show][hide]


Sonic and Baby Greed Avengers GX: The Rise of the Chaos Fusion'''''Sonic and Baby Greed Avengers GX: The Rise of the Chaos Fusion is an action-adventure video game developed by the Sonic Team and published by Sega. It will be released on (Microsoft Windows,or Up like new)(Dreamcast 2 Or UP Like New), and (PlayStation 4 Or Up like New) on Unknown Date Release.

All Up Like New (No End) It Power Full Game.

Or above Even if SEGA upgrades their system.

This Upgrade with it.

Until one of the systems chooses this game.

There is no end to the CD.

It an Upgradable.


Game it can be in the world for generations to come.

Eternity, Life Time.

This is an alternate special GAME CD


On the cover, it will have the Sonic Team logo on the back. It will be half blue and green. It is because they are becoming "fused".

Portable links to countries can take this game first I believe Japan


Sonic And Baby Greed Avengers GX Power Full Game Logo

would get this first

it can be port of the New Sega Dreamcast game or PC PlayStation Wii

to take the first cake of the game.

This game will have improvements of best graphics and the heroes will be even older.

Even more improved make an sonic sharp ends tails knuckles and the rest of them sharp.

Special they will have a toy to the back of the cover or being delivered to you. Free of the new releasing of the game toys are sonic baby greed tails knuckles and Amy and silver and probably cha-cha. Limited to the releasing of order of the game for the country releasing their keychains and they can be played with. For the kids.

Placeholder (1).png

Rated notice E only Edit

This game can be rated to 3+ 7+ to 10+ or rated E for kids.

This game can be cut out what clips that your cannot not play or see kids not to see.

Multiple games of rating E to 7 to 10.

Can Be multiple CD games.

So the original number will be rated E still it's just multiple games at different rated numbers.

So if you ever go to a store and pick up a game looking for something for the kids a play on that game you have to find the label what doesn't have a 7 to 10+ that only has rating E best one for the kids right is seven is for little older kids.

I rated 10 is mostly almost for teenagers that will have all the functionality for the game.

Rated E will have the cuts and missing game parts but still will work and cut parts.

Rated seven is for little older kids will have most the stuff that's added back.

And rated 10 will have everything that was added to it.

Games that are multiple will be in storage with multiple ages numbers so whenever you pick up your rated E find the right number.

For your kids or teenagers.

Sounds like a good plan here some rated cartridges that I found it has different multiple numbers.


Ranodm Tract/ Tv Radio Station/ Game Here Edit

Detail Thank You Sonic Team/SEGA For Making Me and This. :-)

3 Best Rock Random Track

3 Best Sonic Team Rock Random track

4 One all the track are placed they can remove them or make better tracks for this game.

Ok Got Good Done All The Track Ok.

  • [3] Funeral for a friend - rookie of the year (w lyrics)
  • [4] Breaking Benjamin Firefly
  • [5] Pre)thing - can't stop / you can't stop Heroes/ A new Power
  • ----------------------------------
  • [8] and others are sonic. The best backgrounds Ramdom Track.
  • Sonic can switch these tracks if don't match the background.
  • But i think the other two or 3 will match the background.
  • it up to you sonic team.
  • Sonic team can change these tracks at any time.
  • If they don't match.
  • Ok.
  • This games going to be the greatest of sonic game.

Generator Your Character And World

Galaxy Generator Character

Custom Generator

Character Clothes Generator

World Custom Sonic World

Stage Custom Your Track

Generate Your World

The Beginning

Story Mode Talks


[1]<< ha ha ha (Link) To Fix No More Problem


Game Detail

Story detail  Edit

Story Mode Edit.

Meant for nothing But Putting

stages in there without anything else

these are for people.

who meant four stages to know without knowing Story.

Not Recommended for people who want that.

Sometimes it can change tracks by the story.

Story mode  Edit

Middle City Fight

Park Fight against Egg Man Red Scorpion

Green Hill Paradise Zone 1

Green Hill Paradise Zone 2

Egg Man and Baby Gaius The Gorilla Fighter Robots

Palm Panic Paradise Stage 1

Palm Panic paradise Stage 2

(Story Mode Wrting Characters Seem to Seem to talke in all) 

Bumble Chao and Omochao Torial How to Play as Sonic and baby Greed

Sonic and BabyGreed Story Mode

Night Enters The Baby Dreams Story Mode

Sonic and baby Greed EggMan Burning Sun of torture Final story mode

Final story game mode of a dream Elder Giant Orc Sonic Legend has Been born


Characters Gameplay and Controls

***Special Characters The Commandos***

The Special Characters Guilde

Baby Lieut John Commando

Baby Lisa Commando

Adult Jordan Commando

Adult Carry Commando

Character Themes Edit

Enemies In The Buildings Edit

Boss Edit

Nightmare Bosses Edit

(Evil Sonic Zare of Nightmare Dream

(Evil Amy Rose of Nightmare Dream

(Evil Cream The Rabbit Nightmare Dream

Secret People Of Another Round Of Baby Greed Power Category Edit

People Of The Fire Temple) In The Hidden Mystic Ruins Fire Temple

The Hidden Bronze Age People Of The Fire Temple) In The Hidden Mystic Ruins Fire Temple

Bronze Age Men Makotow) Keeper of the mission giver In The Hidden Mystic Ruins Fire Temple

Bronze Age Female Chelsea Moce) The Question giver In The Hidden Mystic Ruins Fire Temple

More tomorrow.

Enecmies of the Street and Sky And Holiday Enemies Edit

The Blue Hat Man in Station Square

The Bad Construction Worker Biker in The HighWays

The Bad Little Girl in The kindergarten School With The Teddy Bear

The Bad Little Boy in The kindergarten School With The Bunny Doll

The Bad Twin Boy And Girl Bullies In the Kindergarten School

Capture Robot Of the People Machine of 1 Baby Capture

Card Stealer Minion In The Casino

Karate Fighter Toshi In The Middle City Fight

Karate Fighter Sally In The Middle City Fight

Karate Fighter Kid Justin In The Middle City Fight

The Karate Fighter Jon The Master Fire Blaze In The Middle City Fight

The Karate Fighter Lissandra The Master Fire Blaze In The Middle City Fight

The Karate Fighter Child Lisa The Master Fire Blaze In The Middle City Fight

Bandit Poachers In Middle City Fight

People Of The Street Wondering Or Wlking And Standing Category Edit

A Man In The Red Shirt And Long Pants) In Station Square

A Woman Wearing A Dress Blue) In Station Square

3 Year old Baby Boy) Playing Ball on the sidewalk In Station Square Safe ground

4 Year Girl) Playing Jump Rope On The Sidewalk In Station Square Safe ground

A Policeman Directing Traffic And watching The Children In Station Square Safe ground

Family Man Watching The Children Play In Station Square Safe ground

Family Woman Watching The Children Play In Station Square Safe ground

A littles Kindergarten kids (G) Standing outside the station squirt train.

Old Man) standing outside of Station Square Train

A Black Man DJ Rapper) Walking The Streets in Station Square

At Night Commander Shorts Soldiers) wander The Streets At Night For A Look Out in Station Square

Commander Shorts Shorts Ships) Fly By At Night in Station Square Sky

A Train Man) Wandering the streets with a clock in Station Square

A Business Worker) Wandering the Streets with a suitcase in Station Square

2 B And G Childs) playing Hopscotch in Safe Grounds Side Walk in Station Square

A Nurse Of The Daycare Wearing A White Daycare Dress Walking the sidewalk in Station Square

A Bulldog) walking the Sidewalk in Station Square

A Alley Cat Walking) The Sidewalk in Station Square

A littles Kindergarten kids (B) Standing outside In Big Town Square Kindergarten School

A Juggler walking the streets in Big Town Square Park

A balloon man) giving balloons to children for free in Big Town Square Park

Eggman Robots Edit

High Tide Zone Robots

Robot Catcher Jet

Robot Warship  

Robot Submarine 

Robot bombers

Robot attackers

Robots Spikes dropper

Warship robots bikers bomber and Spyker's

Pirate Robot Attacker

Robot net capture 

Robot Rocket warship 

Robot Jet trap bombers

Robot  Crater bombers

Robot Crater Captures

Encounter many boss robot Ghost Pirate ship 


Holiday People Of The Street Wondering Or Wlking And Standing Category Edit

December People of Christmas Eve To Christmas in Station Square

A Man) Dressed Up As Winter Clothes Carrying Presents in Station Square

A Woman) Wearing Winter Clothes Carrying A Bag Of Presents in Station Square

A Black Man DJ Rapper) Hauling the Christmas Tree in Station Square

3 Year old Baby Boy) Playing In The Snow Droid Snow Balls in Station Square

4 Year Girl) Playing Snow Fight in Station Square

A Policeman) Wearing Winter Clothes In Directing Traffic in Station Square

Family Man) Carrying The Bag of Christmas Turkey in Station Square

New years People

Enemy Of Darkness Of The Destruction Of City Square Edit

Dark Zombie

Dark Lords

Puppet Dark Lords

Dark Slime Monsters

Red Salar Base Of The Sky

Capture Slime Monsters

Slime Demons

Zare Slime Prison Minion People

Zare Shadow Reapers of Dark

Zare Zombies of Chain Captures

Zare slime Dragon Reapers

Zare Skeleton Slime Reapers

Zare Minions Of The hand of Sand Slime Monsters

Zare Creepers of The Gates Sealed

Zare Slime Demon

Zare Cilantros Demons

Zare Gargoyles Demons

Zare Dark Demon Searchers Of The Sky

Zare Demon Catchers Of The Sky

Zare Demon Spiders in the Destroyed Buildings

Zare Zomibe Rope Catchers of The Street

Zare Slime Dragons Demon Of The Sky

Zare Crows Demons Of The Sky

Zare Demon Captured Pelican Of The Sky

Zare Army Of Monsters Of The Seal Has Been Broken Once Again ***Completed***

Last Evil Boss And One Curse Boss Edit

Evil Sonic Shadow


(Zare The Demon Of Evil) (Of The Black Slime Planet Very On)

Zare Vampire Of Curese Of The Chaos Emeralds James

??? ????? ????? ??? ???????? Last Boss indie

Cities Edit

Station Square

Big Town Square

City Square

Unicom Square

Middle City Fight

Downtown Square

City High Way Square

Arenas Edit

OSL All Tracks of the World Challenge of the dancers and the music Tap Tap Online☀ Edit


[9] StartMenu Selection

Option settings

Albums trackers Pop Stars Trackers

Pictures of the artists download of fans


Prize room

Fashion Room of The OSL

Baby Fashion Room of the OSL

(GM) Room of the OSL

Staff Hitting Room Lock

Sonic Boom Dancers Training room

Download tracks

Upload your tracks

Model hits of the rhythm of the music to keep moving the groove

Model your background and styles in all things to OSL that makes your game more better as you play

Play online

Play off-line

Single match

Tag team match

Three way dancing tag

Four way tagteam match dance off

Champion match

King of the dance

10 challenges To 20 Tournament

Play the OSL Dance Online and Off-line

Play the OSL Dance Tab Tab Online and Off-line

Play the OSL Dance Catch the Beat Online and Off-line

Play the OSL Dance Drums the Online and Off-line

Play the OSL DJ remakes tap wrapper lines to wait screen

Play the OSL Catch the Beat Fruits

Play the OSL Star of the show greatest of all dancers Be The King of The Dance Baby Be your in spotlight around the world only online only♙

The OSL Tracks

The OSL All Tracks in the world


THE OSL (Crush 40)

THE OSL Telan Devik ***Complete it***

The OSL Sega Team Club Sega 2 - Beat Grooves/ Tracks ***Completed it***

The OSL Sonic Hard Rock Tracks Unlock

The OSL Sonic Old-School Tracks Unlock

The OSL Sonic Boom Old-School Tracks Unlock

The OSL DJ Sonic Free Tracks Unlock

The OSL Sonic Remix Tracks Unlock

The OSL Sonic New Tracks Unlock

The OSL Sega Old-School Track Unlock ***Complete it***

The OSL DJ Sega Free Tracks Unlock

The OSL Sega Remix Tracks Unlock

All OSL Sonic and Sega Tracks Here Unlock

Night Best Track Unlock

Hatsune Miku

Michael Jackson Zone

Rocks Steam and Unknown track

Arcade Original Tracks Around The World

All DJ OSL Here

Popstar trackers

❤ RMB ❤

Paradise Jazz

Techno Star Trackers

Blues Star Trackers

Baby Areas Edit

Baby's room

Baby Talent Show

Baby Dancing Show

The OSL Stadium Arena Groove

Baby Gaius Baby Room in Egg Men Ice Starship

Power up And Items

All Power up Item

Fusion Crystals And Chaos Emeralds

Master of the Mirror jewels/ Key To Open Sealed Stones

Secret hidden power of the Tempest

Daycare areas Edit

Big Town Square Daycare Center

Kindergarten School 2-4 Years old Areas Edit

Big Town Square Kindergarten

Sports areaEdit

Unicom Square The Super Race Arena

Shopping mall area Edit

Station Square Baby Store

Big Town Square The Cha Cha Stadium Big mall

Station Square The OSL Big time Mall

Online system area 



Gameplay graphics

please view the Gameplay zone.

And inside world of all graphice and everything.

For Sonic Adventure DX Dirctor's Cut in 3D old title Cut 

has lived on and pass  

New Title Adventure has come back to sonic.  

And this time he's returning back to City Square 

in this time it's even better for this game play world of 

Sonic and Baby Greed Avengers GX: The Rise of the Chaos Fusion  

Avengers GX is split into 5-to 8 or more main explorable "Adventure Field that are 5 To 8 connection world

and once again Split into two main parts: the level based "Action Stage And once again the slowed down, explorable "Adventure GX Field," with each New and old 31 playable characters having their own unique playstyle and goals. That are split in teams and some single.

Has been improved The even have one unknown character of the sea of unknown pirate ship.

31 playable characters having their own unique playstyle and Riders goals/SUPER RACE And more

  • Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut
  • Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
  • Sonic Riders/ Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Sonic R 2)
  • Sonic Unleashed
  • Sonic CD/ JP Sonic the Hedgehog CD (2011)
  • Sonic Colours (Wii)
  • Sonic and the Secret Rings
  • Sonic and the Black Knight
  • Sonic Heroes 1 and 2

Now some of these world connection. will not be displayed The Name are

Sonic and the Secret Rings Full online Patch Maintenance

Sonic and the Black Knight Full Online Patch Maintenance

Sonic Colours Full Online Patch Maintenance

Sonic the Hedgehog CD (2011) Full Online Patch Maintenance

Sonic Unleashed Partly offline / Full online Patch Maintenance

Sonic Heroes 1 and 2 Full Online Patch Maintenance

Sonic Riders/ Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Sonic R 2) Partly offline / Full online Patch Maintenance

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Partly offline / Full online Patch Maintenance

These Could be released by SEGA when they're ready to release the world.

So you going to find the world Lock By a construction worker.


is back to saying those words again but. This time i got two ways to go with someone with me.

Sonic Adventure DX Action Stages Sonic


Station square 2 To Zone Of Middle City Fight And Big Town Square.

Letter S That looks like a big S that's circle to top will take you.

To Big Town Square that's pointing to the top.

Middle City Fight.

The middle city fight is we're

bad people hang out and do crazy

stuff we're sonic has to fight parasite


Big Town Square Middle lane street it is not completed drawing but I can't wait to release it.

This city could not sleep its careful with holidays. that brings the Clock of journeys In the Night.

There is a Tower that brings night to this world. Of the coldest days of christmas.

[[1]] The drawing will be finished sooner or later and be rebooted here.

the hedgehog

Parasite bring so much memories back take baby greed from sonic.

As Sonic returns back to city square.

Sonic is sitting on the chair just

Relaxing with some lemonade until he spotted parasite

Running and heading towards Amy's House

Sonic encounters and tries to stop him.

Where he's going.

The Middle City Fight is a Action Fight Stage

The basic of the stage.

Is where you fight an enemy in defeat him two time.

the Time limit is 100 Minutes just for beginners

if anybody played sonic fighters, sonic Battle,

putting these two together as a fusion.

Will make the game intense

if the time runs out.

And the player has the most HP.

The player with the most hp is declared the winner.

they also display the special attacks.

On the bottom and a supersonic but that can never.

Be known throughout the entire fighting game.

But it is possible to unleash supersonic with baby greed.

it would last for a few minutes that's it.

But Not single super sonic

if you were single super sonic unlimited Time.

You can tag team fight against bad guys.

With Sonic and baby greed.

But Not fighting a Baby.

But Baby To Baby can.


4 way All can fight

The numbers of Action Fight Stages can be up to 50 To 150 Action Fight Stages.

Can more then 250 Patch Arenas Fight Stages Online.

The highest number of action fighting stages will be online Patch

The last will be on a story Mode.

Once you have Defeated parasite you will gain experience, Level And Rings for the.

Chao garden

Sonic is greatest focus of a story

And hundreds of. Number of playable levels Fighting, Dancing, Racing,

Super Race Arena, Special Stages, Past The Goal, Jet Race, The OSL,

Cha Cha The Stadium, The Talent Show, Commander Shorts

Command And Conquer, Champions Sports, The Casino

Kindergarten Action Stage School, And Much Much More to Make.

This game official for online world.


Yes this is this is the original Map but.

They're supposed to be split apart and put new parts to it.

Making Sonic game even more attentive better than it used to be way better.

have an awesome

letter >(A)< is Amy House That has a backline to the

Beach Area that you can take the jet boat. That's on the letter >(J)<

that takes you out on to sea to the high tide on your way to the. Mystic Ruins

They also have another line on Amy letter That goes to.

Emerald Coast

this stage has been moved to a different location behind Amy

backyard take yourself with baby greed on a

High action stage with that has three stages in one.

Get yourself through the beach area and you'll find yourself.

Encountering mysterious pirates that firing bombs at you out on sea.

On their boats.

on this game.

You can switch characters.

And you can see them close up

on Sonic heroes they had a fast switch

On this game it'll be normal switch not like

Sonic heroes tap your team hand to switch.

Sonic Heroes had a fast pace that made the game so fast we.

Couldn't even see the characters that much.

Because they were too small to look at.

The Letter (S) is the Road to Big Town Square

The Letters on the top

The boat will take online players to Apotos

that boat is not available.

Only online patch.

When they released zone.

Anyway let's get back to station square gameplay.

if your playing as Sonic and you looking for challenge well.[13]

This world will be changed.

And upgraded and improved. Here what he said Oh really. Blue steak hedgehog.

You looking for a challenge.

City square has change.

And you're looking for a fight. I'm going to tear you up. And your little baby too.

I hope the OSL has the cameras on you. When I. 

Punch your lights out

Now this picture can give us an answer You can challenge anyone in The Streets

including the bad guys.

The more you fight the more

experienced You giain.

And your baby to.

Once you encounter a fight the action face will start.

the screen will blair out

opening up a action field.

You and baby greed will have to fight him

when you're fighting the enemy.

it will show some really action effects when you're

fighting or using your incredible power against the enemy.

Like this action scene music> [[6]]

The intensive action make the people go wild for more of the fights.

Taking the people off their feet from more of action.

It brings back memories of Dreamcast.

In action fight will have a fast pace.

in the field the only be a circle.

And sometimes squares.[14] Finally in all the game.

You can escape the battlefield.

Or try to stop the enemy from running away Offline and Online.you can play as two players in a battlefield

Making it the best action faces that you fight with a partner

Taking on lost of enemies in the street. And bosses

that has a high roll of taking over the street.

And claiming city square as their own field.

Take a look at this picture

the red indicates the enemies territory

the blue indicates sonics territory


the enemies are in the territory red. If you entered that territory.         

you will encounter bosses or enemies.

Maybe some of them will walk the streets, but if they see you they will attack you.

But if you get deeper into the dark red area you will get attacked and battlefield

will start. Or if you start a fight by fighting people in the red area you will encounter bosses coming after you.

If you continue defeating all the bosses in the red area, it will change blue.

As the enemies

are all defeated their but sometimes the enemies can take over your spots.

If they take control of the your area, it will turn red. If they take control of all the areas you are in.

You be facing all the bosses in your area. The field will blink red if they're taking over your area or normal area. That is empty.

Why is the people becoming aggressive, maybe because it has something to do with parasite he seemed to became a truth with the people.

And put it against sonic and the city.

Not only that, it seems the people has target baby greed as well a follower of sonic

He is also a target now. They're also going to try to capture him and try to put him behind the jail playpen bars.

The president of city square will not engage sonic or Baby Greed but the people will make him do that.

They're taking over the city so sonic has a big war against the bad guys in the red color, it's up to sonic and baby greed to calm down the city.

And tried to take control of the city and save the city, but you don't have to save the city now you can do the story mode. And forget that. But you gotta keep an eye if the enemy tries to enter your territory you have to defend it.

This also has an online taking control over the cities and other cities for online players who wants to be the king of cities.

Every week online players can take over the city's the time limit will last a three day

If the player holds the capital president city of the fields that has more than the other. Will win if they hold their ground for three months you will win baby clothes/diaper design and sticker that come only for city square that's it. And 10 gold rings per month 3 for holding the city for 3 months, Sega/ sonic Team can change this rule to silver rings instead of gold rings.

You can also change the field color of the map of your capture land. And you can also rename the city name but remember if somebody else takes it from you they could change the name. All the other cities are also a part of it. So there will also be awesome fun for all the players to enjoy. Take on lots of players that you challenge that claim your rightful place of city square. Be the king of city square ruler online. And win awesome prizes just for holding the city's field for three months. Take a challenge with other players how strong is your level against them. Take on the city. And claim your city ground good. Players could also placed guns tower, minds tower, bombs tower, rockets tower, laser tower, smoke bombs tower, machine gun tower, flame tower, and poison tower, sleep tower, these items can be purchased in the SEGA system or try to find the parts to build one in the world. These items can be destroyed by the enemy, but leveling it up they can get stronger by the week. If you have a field that you captured every. Event. Holiday you win big if you're lucky. There also be a night, and morning, that the sun goes down and the moon comes up. Now It also rains, thunders, snows, becomes windy frost, field that can get a character losing rings. That someone can get a cold winter, fall and much much more. Like cloudy, sunny, partly cloudy, and rainy, and completely cloudy, and so much more. So take yourself on a wonderful battlefield that sonic will never forget it'll be the best game you ever play on the world. That they have ever seen that they'll never forget. Win some awesome holiday prizes in the event. Just by anticipating in the event of the GM's will announce an event the players will have to team up with weak players because there new if they don't get along and work as a team they will be disqualified. So the week players will be switched to another team. Because there newbies.

And it's fair is fair to the game supposed to be fair so if you want to get that price team up and become a team or GM will find you. You're not teaming up you will be disqualified so play  this awesome world and enjoy this wonderful city square event good luck to players out there and have a wonderful, joyful, fun, excitement game what action features of this world the GM's will give you so much prizes that you have a handful. If you anticipate in their event,  whatever event she comes up with  you, will dissipate and win good luck to all of you

There are six locations in GM's locations where she heads. Station square, big town square, casino,were nights location is. OSL, cha cha Stadium, and the talent show, 

You will find her there for the event. They will probably be the best event is the talent show. You win lots of baby clothes there. That the talent show that hidden their secret baby clothes. And diaper. To make your baby be the awesome popular star of the talent show. And other studios like the dancing club and that OSL. Be the best player of the event. Of the game  

Notice players if the online systems open remember you will be in a closed beta online game. And then the release of the online system of sonic online game open beta it will also be attached to the game. And SEGA  is ready to release it you only remain off-line into they release it. Remember, it's attached. Because Sega probably want to add more to the game

But remember, if you go to Amy's house and look at the news on your TV screen. in baby greed's baby bedroom. You will find it if it's open or not. Or visit close beta release news in the Sega system. Site [15]

see full go here soon it'll be known. > https://plus.google.com/u/0/115859562931777496646/posts/FnhhF2vNkvw?pid=6223057119159460242&oid=115859562931777496646

Next The OSL>  Fortis OSL gameplay.

This gameplay is based on totally be the king of the world of all tracks behind the artists.

Any player that walks into the building will have to register or sign up.

Let's start with the registration on the map there are three circles.

That are dark blue. Before we can start the registration, we need to talk about.

The transfer music tracks and it's also connected to building. Your own music track that will be fun to do, it gives you all the tools you need. We talk about that sooner or later.

The middle one is to transfer tracks along connected with. Building your own music track. That will be fun to do.

About the gameplay of transferring music tracks any player that walks in the building inputs the music/song in the machine.

Will be at your wrist not ours. You be solely responsible for his tracks and his permission. 

The OSL is meant to be the king of the musics, but remember it is no playing game it's a real thing.

that you go for. You will play every single musics, including child music there also a part of the music collections.

It means all the musics in the world, including school music/ kindergarten music and you have to face it. To be the King

even if you don't like it you have to do it, it's best using baby greed for those musics it'll make it better for you not to get annoyed by it  

But I believe there is a way you can use the music tracks, even without the permission you can use it in a sharing way.

But you cannot own the track that you say  you are the artists of the track. As it can get you band

If you lied that you're not the artists of the music you are banned from the OSL for one year or two.

If you try to attend is your track. Don't do it. Just maybe can get you a permanently ban

If you come back at it a third time. That's it. You are no longer a part of the OSL online you may play it off-line.

Or try to get a network connection user/player that will play which you. You will still be able to be online with other users

Chat with them and will not ban you for that. But you lose all privileges to the reels settings to talk about other tracks and play with other artists.

That you claim that the track was yours that you got banned. For. You lose all side of privileges to the GM's and real artist times.

That told them that was there track that got you banned for. If the band gets lifted you getting all the privileges back, but the main gates to the artist elevator will still be locked to you fan players.

Unless the artist invites you to come to his room that is it you will have access to his zone. That's it, if he gives you a card one day entry to his zone. However, long the card is that he put it for is how long you can enter and leave. If the card expires you will disappear and return back to the middle halls of the OSL B1 ok.  

Remix tracks. And DJ tracks. Are okayed to the OSL. To be transfer.

We cover everything for the transfer tracks. Any artist that walks into that building in which the tracks in its totally get in the zone of their choice.

Okay, now the registration fan sign up.

Any fan player that signs up for the registration will be able to enter. The OSL elevator and the mall to the top of the map. You will have access to. 

The OSL daycare. Where the daycare will clean your baby up and get them fresh and ready. You can. 

For the OSL challenge and dance and much, much more. So you don't have to waste your time to go all the way back to Amy's house and get him cleaned up.

Because when you go back to the OSL. He will be at the half meter of his needs. If that happens, you only can have one challenge and then you gotta go back to Amy's house. If the OSL is close to Amy's house no problems will be needed but. There are places that you are far away from the OSL. That you're so far away from Amy's house and the. Daycare. Your baby will be at the half meter at your discretion. However long it took you to be with him it'll be time to give him a new one. But thanks to God you got a daycare in the OSL middle halls. But you can't use it. Into you register and it's a fast cleanup day care center for those stars of those cute babys. If you play as sonic and baby greed you will have to keep your eyes on his meter. And his needs so. That's why the daycare will be there for sonic if he needs to use it. Baby Greed will gain a lot of experience by playing which you in the OSL dance arena. And champion and much, much more.  And that'll give you that helpful thing you need to get into a temple that you want to succeed at gold blister. So you're going to need to play as  baby greed. Or sonic and baby greed. At all times  you got to play as them in order to get gold blister. He will gain experience and level for every game he plays. Or plays with sonic. So remember that  

If you registered as a fan, you have access to a storage room where you can store all the clothes and baby clothes that you bought.

It also has a changing room. So you can style your baby for the OSL dance pick out the best style for your baby it could get you strong points.

To becoming the greatest dancer behind the artist music and song. Also, there is a chance that your baby will gain OSL points. For having a strong cute fashion close looks to the fans

However, strong your babys cuteness is. Is how strong the OSL points will be at The OSL.  

There will also be a form of the OSL track listed.

So you can find your favorite tracks on the OSL forms.

Also, it comes with a rank board list.

So you can find your favorite track. That you played

And also has your name as a top player there are top 50 to 100 rank players possible mostly top 40.

So let Facebook, Google Chrome and all your favorite sites know that the OSL will be on the sites of your favorite page

and let's find out if there's artist is playing in the OSL. You never know they could be on the form chatting with other players.

The form will be packed with billions of players getting their shots of the OSL  

More Tomorrow I don't want to overdo it.  


[16] Now Phantasy Star Gate Way Door  

Deep Under Sewers  

There is a gateway door. If you can get the key from.  

Commander Shorts  

By completing everything  

Having A 100% Completion of the game.  

You will receive the key to opening the door  

to have one final adventure Pantasy start Generation X  

For starters if you cross over to the gateway door you will be teleported directly in the.  

Middle of the courtroom. On The ship [[7]].  

In this world you take yourself on a ship to  take on so many. Enemies in the space line.       

No one ever noticed the gateway was hidden underneath the building were the sewers was.

But the time has passed into that building was destroyed there.

And now a new house. Was built there a mansion house that has.

Two roof top and bottom room

And the sewers have been moved somewhere. Hidden

That has a secret location somewhere underneath Amy's Home.

A secret basement underneath. Amy's House that can lead her to the sewers.

So far, far away from home Sonic has a new adventure not only sonic. Baby greed as well.

Explore the ship. To find so many secrets  that you have never seen before.

In Phantasy Star Generation X

Toggle around and explore the entire ship from top to bottom.

Take on so many  enemies to get more improvements And level up of your spaceship.

Buy new parts to improve your spaceship and your shield and gun and Level it up.

Buy new spaceship that are more bigger to improve your Power

But you need to be promoted to becoming more better fighter to get better ships.

Take yourself on a real elevator as you see it going down and look through the window as you going down.

Find yourself with hundreds of players online. Chat with them and make new.

Friends as you journey on your way to becoming a great sonic fighter.

Find yourself checking out the wonders of New Styled. And Event.

did you know you can also challenge players on the spaceship anywhere. Anywhere you go

That sounds fun as long as they don't block you. Next

The Gameplay stages. Since this is a demo there only be a few stages.

When you enter the gateway and on Phantasy Star Generation X. You can request.

So many missions and quest on this ship

Also from Phantasy Star 3 we also got that card battle still.

But it's on the ship so where      

compete in tournaments challenged allison's of players                                                 [17] anywhere you go. Yes people same battle style And New Battle Style.                                                

But New Online Sonic and Baby Greed Pantasy Start Generation X Card Battle Zone                                                

New N Card R Card HR Card SR Card SRR Card SRRR Card SRRRRCard                                                

L Card LR Card LRR Card LRRR Card LRRRR Card HL Card HLR                                                

Card HLRR Card HLRRR Card HLRRRR Card UL Card ULR Card ULRR                                                

Card ULRRR Card ULRRRR Card Master L and up                                                

in this                                                

Phantasy Start Generation X that will be improvements to the battle faces Phantasy of  Start Generation X Card Battle. Zone[18] You can play as your original character.

Or you can create your own

Phantasy Star Character in the Phantasy Start Generation X.

But remember, if you go back to the gateway. You will return back to your original character.

Character create room

Pantasy Star New Character cannot not leave the spaceship or try other methode.

Trying to get to station square. You will not be able to become that character you will change back.

Yes, you can challenge

Phantasy Star Team, Sonic Team, or your original new character.

Compete to win awesome prizes including new rare cards

Plus, if you don't miss one login through the end of the first month or more you will get a 1 free ticket.

To spend for one lucky card. Could it be the lucky cards you want.

Take your luck with the wheel sounds fun.

where would sonic at baby greed appear on the starship.[19] From the past sonic and tails appeared in Phantasy Star Universe>Sooo through the Gateway

All the Heroes In Sonic Team and Eggman Baby Will be on the game will enter the Blue Portal of water Gateway To Phantasy Star Generation X

They will appear on the ship like this around all the

other characters that were created.

Sonic and Baby Greed The Hedgehog

could be able to explore the ship or you

can go to the room. To create your own new character.

if you do. Sonic and baby greed will disappear.

if you change character. Ok

this sounds fun to make an awesome character.

Phantasy Star Generation X

includes Sonic and Baby Greed And The Rest Of The Heroes.

To Explore the ship or take on a story mode/ missions on planets / galaxy.

This Story Mode is for all heroes and Creation of characters.

All the characters in a story mode won't be able to talk in this story mode.

The mission giver will talk to you. And you will refill his mission to complete 1% of a story mode.

They also have a team story mode online

To play with other players online as teamwork

For more action, enjoyment.

You would be able to fly out into the galaxy space

1 if you take the ship as a single player. You won't have a team

Partner on your back

1 if you have a single player that you created.

You won't have a partner on your back.

2 But if you play as Sonic And Baby Greed.

You would have a partner to watch your back, but he will be.

In a Fighter ship seat.

3 don't worry if you're using a character that you created in Phantasy Star Generation X.

You have to watch the back on your own if you don't, you will be defeated by the enemy.

Any player that uses sonic will.

Have Baby Greed as your backwatcher for enemies.

4 there is a chance that a character that you created can choose tails as your back watcher. For enemies. And others, but not Baby Greed. It Sonic Baby Greed/ Baby Gaius The Hedgehog it EGGMAN / Baby Cabela it Tails and Amy Rose

JessaBelle it Shadow Ok. Others are ok

those babys will not be as your character creation team partner.

possibly, if you play as the baby's. You will could be able to team up with a character creation.

Online and that goes for the card battle Multi Single online Baby against Baby.

Or online Multiplayer. Ok

And this is fair. Because everybody wants to see. The blue hedgehog in the game.

And I know everybody will want to choose the baby. As Their team partner as.

At character creation, so there we will love to see sonic in Phantasy Start Generation X

Fair is fair.

Listen to this very well. We know

The spaceship around you.

You can see outside of the world. But this time you will be flying

And ship that you control by inside. In 3D

Now that sounds awesome. And you can also turn your back

Look at your team partner. And Your BABY

It's time to fly a 3d Fighter Ship.

Sounds very fun doesn't it.

It's time to put some high action in gear.

Ok Now

The worlds are different this time it's time to show you something new.

you will take the story mode

and you will fulfill  his mission.

The mission giver is a commander of the spaceport. 

Of pantasy starship. There is also a mission giver


Platform Map . The One with The Arrows Are Elevators. Yes This is G1. To The Top. is Phantasy Star. Mother Ship. The SpaceShip is Huge That has a lot of places that you can go By Using the evevatore the numbers have to go all way up to G6 or G10 or more.

A mechanic of the energy shield repair. 

Yes this Monster Mothership 

Has an incredible power.  

That could take a lot of damage and destroy so many. 

Enemies in its path. 

Anakin living space for years. 

and people could live on it for the entire deck light. [21]

Yes, this is the Giant power core of shield glass container. This glass container is supposed to be ICE Cold. There are hundreds of workers in that zone. So you got to be careful where you walk. They really keep the shield cold. Do you know there's a scientist and workers. Working around this area working as fast as they can keep their ship running smoothly. You should know about this game you're going to experience a lot of attacks on your ship that will make an intense, awesome action, not only that any player that joins Phantasy star generation x. Will catch the action. The Mex will try to invade your ship to take over your ship. That's where the party starts with a whole bunch of machines in  front of you. As you fight them,  I think this will sound fun. [[2]]

The robot hero was talking about this ship It was built in the Nexus world. And it opened up a gateway to Sonic World 

this is the bottom floor to the ship. ^_^ Will the artist want to jump on this baby it's awesome. 

This ship has a strong defense.  

It has a slow movement for attack. 

It can take heavy damage from enemies. 

It can take a most powerful attack from the most powerful ship. 

Its shields very strong they can last for hours. But it doesn't last very long if it's being attacked 

By the most powerful ship. The ship can escape anytime from enemies   

the Ship's Name. Is Mothership Maga Alpha   

Ok. 1 Bottom. Courtroom. G1

This is where you will meet up with all the heroes around the world and players online.

And character creation player. And your own self of a character that looks identical to you

this bottom center will be where you meet up with phantasy star president. And commander  shorts where they make their meeting towards all the heroes. And you sonic   

Yes, you will still be a sonic character.

You will be able to choose any character from sonic team to go there.

And you can also choose a single baby character from sonic team like Baby Greed the hedgehog.  <.< Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. If you choose a baby character 

You have to work on your own to keep yourself clean and or your meter will drop.

Yes, you going to still have those problems, but remember daycares are always close to the centers. If your meter runs out it means it's time to cry and die in 5 minutes if you don't reach it.  If you're single it's going to be a little hard to work on your own. ^_^ 

But don't worry, I added something so any player can grab you and do what they have to do to keep you clean. In any kind of way. Any player can check your meter and that's it, they're going to get you or find you with a sad face in tears coming from your eyes. And player that help out a baby will get a prize if they collect enough points in the coming months.  Yes, they can carry you to the daycare center if you don't reach it.  Yes, there is a mode that you can escape a player if you don't want them to help you. Ok, sounds fun

remember to do this if you have a friend because other players are probably get mad at you. If you become friends you will be able to take him to the submission room anywhere only online. In the center but if you're not friends you have no access to the submission room with has everything for a baby. And you'll get more points on the submission room if you take him there  you are only gained east point every hour.

I think this look like fun. :-( this can only work online because the character that had the Babys are bound to them only. ^_^ There you go.    

only if they playing as a single sonic, tails, and amy,

the connections are still bound to the child.

You're saying good enough. I understand ok let's move on.

if Sega / Sonic Team doesn't like the bound connection

That can decide or bunned or dispended or make the players decide what should they do. Fair is Fair

1 They can to spend it For harassment to other players

2 or banned it For harassment to other players

3 or they can to spend the players for harassment

4 or bunned the player for harassment ok

remember this player this is a special tool you can still fight to keep this tool.

This privilege for the special tool don't break the rules of this tool or you will lose it completely.

You got it. Good keep this in mind.

Ok, next the character creation. Potion room.

If you have a character that you created you will be able to use the potion room. But Sonic team characters cannot use this potion room.

But they could purchase the rings in this store.

But the thing is 

There are no rings and Phantasy Star. 

How is this game play going to work to help Sonic out. Since there's no rings in Phantasy Star. 

There is another store somewhere on the ship

Call The Box Ring Store.

There are so many boxes 

That  holds special powers that can give you

So many rings  and you can probably gain a free man    

The box ring can only be purchased onece per character.

You can gain 1 ring from the box ring per Minute. Ok  

Every mission stage or passing goal or fighting anywere. You gaina faster way of rings 

Even twin ring boxes are available for the baby Greed and other babys in the game. 

That fills up the energy meter for a supersonic blast.

Notice the box of rings can't be open they will release the rings or the twin  rings to sonic or Baby Greed.

Whenever sonic is on the stage.

The ring box will create rings for sonic.

as he tries to make it pass the goal. The faster he go.

The faster the Rings box. Time Will Be. And the twin rings as well. Ok. Let's move on

not done

mystic ruins next soon

This Station Gate Way is The Ultimate Power of the Universe

Phantasy Start Generation X Come and Join as hero [[8]]

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Sonic Team Proudly Presents A NewComer Screen Logo

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