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ThIs story mode, it talks about what’s going to happen to The city, observe


Sonic return back to the city something terrible is going to happen to it the darks side is about to be released into that.

World Zare, Sonic is not having his vacation today there is a terrible threat is going to release on to that city, far worse than chaos all he needs is to collect the seven skull potions, and the seven Chaos Emeralds is fine the way to bring back the most powerful monster Be the biggest monster of the city a dark shadow.

Is floor man across the city Would you know Christmas is not that far away.

On this dark day of City Square After the city was rebuilt it seems something else was.

Coming there way again some of the people were disguised as soldiers of the sky.


Commander shorts soldiers from the beginning the soldiers were around the city, but no one noticed they were there Even cream the rabbit, was a notice but they see her flying around the city, he people didn’t notice on that city until now the soldiers were walking the streets.

The soldiers came out of hiding and started marching because they knew he, is coming back that’s why Sonic the Hedgehog is fine, his way towards the city again, New challenges await for Sonic

The Beginning Music Starts.> [1]

Sonic Says’ Woooo i’m back.

Yeah Alright.? o_o Who is that’ Amy says ‘Time for bed.

Baby greed

it is not a good time to go outside would sonic.

There are dangers out there to really want your power.

And I got to protect you with all my might

I know you want to go outside baby greed, but today is not the day I have a feeling someone after you and I don’t want to say parasite

or Dr Eggman or Dr. Sheila’

Shadow says ‘Noo my adversary is a baby again. Noooooo ahhhh.’

??? says you scream so loud do you shadow.’

Shadow says ‘ what are you.’

Knuckle said’ this not a good day to be put down by soldiers.

O_O what the. My Master Emerald

Disappeared Wait, who are you come back here.’

Miles Tails Prower said’ emission’

Commander shorts said’ yes, tails go stop Eggman and get that skull potion

From that baby.’

Miles Tails Prower said’ right, let’s go baby Cabela

to Eggman fleet sky 7714.’

Commander shorts said’ weight tails I thought you were on your way to Amy’s house.’

Miles Tails Prower said’ oh yeah, I forgot, let’s go baby Cabela

Cha Cha The White Rose said ‘ woe what a wonderful time that I finally get back to my stadium.

But the thing is it’s back to used to be but.

The thing is, there are no more zombies and demons roaming my studio anymore.

I know at the end at this picture i’m going to make.

Sonic and baby greed a wonderful anniversary, birthday on Christmas.

But the thing is I must… Not let them know are working on it and know it’s not ever happened.

What I’m going to do, I know I will open up the OSL

And the baby’s talents show not only. That the baby dancing show, but I need more than that I need to sonic and baby greed and baby Cabela I need to keep them away from the stadium is going to be a wonderful night for baby greed and Sonic wonderful anniversary birthday.

What I’m going to do’ cream the rabbit said ‘I will help you keep baby Greed. Away from this place^o^?!’ cha cha said ‘

who are you little bunny rabbit  girl’

Ashley The African Hedgehog said ‘

Time is on the essence

What I’m going to do. I got to find a way to destroy this monster.

I must find a way to stop him.

All I can think of is sonic and the heroes.

But I can’t interfere with their time it could mess up everything and destroying my scepter.

Probably be the last thing I’ll ever see of the futures.

But I can still find puzzles and my mom on my own’

Big The Cat said ‘so you have a future that you can see through. And no one else can, I knew I find you here.’

Ashley The African Hedgehog said ‘who are you and how did you find this place.

You are forbidden to be in this Sky Kingdom you’re not supposed to enter this castle without asking permission.

From the Royal sky guards to enter

Universe The Hedgehog said ‘let’s go baby star there seems to be trouble in the city we must find sonic.

There is its serious threat the doom is planning.

And we got to find him and find the skull potions

Before he gets them if we can at least get one of them, he will come after us.

For we can manage to hide them from him’

Baby start the bunny rabbit said ‘do I have to wear this why did you do this to me-;_;-!?.

Universe said ‘well baby star you like to mess with me. And you like to be a baby. I will make you a baby.

And don’t worry, I can enjoy changing your diapers.

You like to be a baby, I’ll dress you up like a baby.

And you will stay one like that, don’t worry, I have extra clothes for you.

No one makes a fool out of me, maybe if you learned your lesson I might change my mind and you could be back to your original self, but that’ll mean you can stop wearing diapers at night.

Because that’s not going to happen, you have problems at night!’ Baby star said ‘but universe I can control myself’

Universe said ‘well last time I checked you got me good. -\-  Well baby star we will see if you can control yourself.

For now, enjoy your punishment, let’s go.

We must stop doom. Or the world is finished.!’

Vector the Crocodile said ‘ great it seems my team has left for some vacation.

^_^ ha ha But i’m enjoying my time in the City Square hotel outside of the beach.

^___^ nothing going to happen simply peaceful.

No work today’

-\-  ?? said ‘No work’ Vector the Crocodile said ‘ wow who are you.’  ?? said ‘ I am the MPC A soldier of City square.

I have a letter for you.

And this phone.

Night -_- said ‘oh man i didn’t know that he was the key to saving the world.

After that night against my own self from another world.

That was taken over by evil.

He told me something will happen to him one day.

And when it does its over.

Oh man-_- as long as i’m still in his baby bedroom.

I will keep my eyes on him.

And his dreams!?’

??????????? said ‘ there is a way to find out.’

Night said ‘ who are you’?

Sonic said ‘ is that parasite.

I don’t know what he’s up to but he’s heading to Amy house.

I must cut him across at middle city fight.

The game.



Sonic was going to Amy’s, house until he ran into somebody called parasite the Hedgehog.

It seems parasite wanted, something from Sonic he wanted the baby Because he lost against ChaCha.

It seems parasite was heading to Amy’s house as Well it looks like he was trying to get the baby, but Sonic will not allow Him To take a baby from him Parasite told Sonic get out Of my way but Sonic would not allow him to go past him Sonic push.

Parasite really hard into the wall Sonic said you’re not going any further you got to try to get past me first to get the baby.

Parasite said you looking for a disgusting challenge Sonic and you’re facing the most powerful disgusting Hedgehog with my dark hand Sonic prepares to die Sonic said well then let,s party and see who get the baby first disgusting Hedgehog a fight struck in the middle field of the city Stage were Fight


As Sonic knock parasite through the wishing well, something was very strange a portion, was on the wishing well on the top of the statue it fell on parasites, parasite grabs it and booked as Sonic standard there Sonic was not alone somebody was.

Watching him it, was a galaxy elder wizard Not just her it was also an Eggman and the baby, Eggman said You have no idea what your up against Sonic, it’s good to be back in city square but I have a little friend by my side to meet my little partner Baby Gaius The Hedgehog ha ha ha Destruction is coming and soon the city will soon face its mercy ha ha ha ha ha ha.

The next morning


as sonic got, out of Middle City Sonic made it to City Square, and at Amy’s house But little did he Know Amy was in the home that’s when tails came.

Sonic asks.

Tails were is Baby greed Tails said baby greed is at the park Sonic says what is with baby Cabella tales said Amy gave me Cabella to babysit.

Amy wanted to spend time with baby greed.

Sick of being, a babysitter sonic said it’ll be okay, just got to get used to it it’s not that hard to babysit a baby Tails said.

Yeah right changing diapers is hard specially a girl anyway Sonic I found one Chaos Emerald that mean the baby picked up from Tikal Sonic said, This is good tails 1 Chaos Emerald 1 slight chance to protect it from doom But Sonic what would you be going, to first the skull potions Or the Chaos Emeralds will have to hunt them both down wherever we can find them right Sonic said Tales let’s head to the park and pick up baby greed tails said right Sonic Remember you guys gotta find a park in City Square As Sonic and Tails made it to Park Square something is going on down at the park Amy was in trouble what’s, worse sonic tails found trouble Eggman was planning to steal the baby again use. him as an evil plot here’s what.

Came down let’s go in deeper Sonic said release the baby now Eggman said isn’t the wonderful hero Sonic This brings so much Memories doesn’t it. sonic said what is your plan this time Eggman, Eggman said simply I finally got what I want a baby.

That I can bring something powerful to take over the world Robotnik land the ultimate City I can finally rule it all the day is coming true and it’s coming very soon this most powerful Baby of energy I will soon.

As its power to freeze this planet It’s going to be nothing but an ice chill on the city This is the day Sonic I Finally rule the world And this time Sonic, my plans will not fail on City Square I’m putting it to work and I’m making sure it will not fail but this time it’s not Going to fail I might have lost against chaos but.

Slimeball is not here anymore Well Sonic it’s time for me to hit the sky catch you later, sonic loser tails.

Said sonic He’s getting away Amy said. Sonic said do something I got think of something fast he’s too far away on the other side Crazy, Billy said, spinning whips sonic said, Who is that hedgehog never seen him before crazy Billy Said no one steals a baby from someone and get away with it.

You are never going, to get this wish and freeze Texas on my eye It’s never going to happen salt egg Eggman said you destroyed my cage and free baby greed you’re it going to be sorry what you done No one ruins my plans for this city not on my watch, going to be sorry for this prepare, to be Scorpion food Eggman activated a robot, a six-legged scorpion, a fight broke out in Square Park, sonic amy Tails and crazy Billy, was fighting an Eggman scorpion


Sonic tails and crazy Billy stopped Eggman something was going to happen at that time

Eggman Said No way I can’t believe this what the

Crazy, Billy Said Hey tails are you okay tails said Yes, I guess so I managed, to protect baby greed from Eggman attacks crazy Billy said you got a Chaos Emerald you must be lucky to find one tails said yes, but who are you

My name is crazy Billy the Hedgehog I am a hedgehog from out west I carry a whip and I’m one of the fastest Hedgehog I live out west I seem to have travelled from the train from Texas to City Square tails said So you are a Texas Hedgehog crazy Billy said yes I seem to have got lost I come here for a vacation by a friend Sonic said what friend is that Crazy Billy said Well its name is Cha Cha Sonic and Tails and Amy said Cha Cha Amy -\- Crazy Billy said yes what’s the matter with Cha Cha Amy said-\- He’s a bad Mexican Hedgehog but looking for a date with me no way Crazy Billy said He likes you must be the luckiest Hedgehog he is mostly, popular to all the fans who.

Know him and he’s a great dancer to every single music out there it.

Doesn’t matter what music he plays he will win them all you must be a stupid girl that Backing down on a beautiful Hedgehog Like him Amy said I don’t care crazy Billy said well That’ll be mostly a perfect gloss for perfect Hedgehog for a perfect girl anyway tails well what the lookout Eggman said ha-ha Tails said oh no not again Sonic said.

Shooting Tails, he got the chaos emerald Eggman said pretty.


Pretty this brings back memories when you lost the chaos emerald that’s brings back. memories doesn’t it tails I actually took it from your hand and look its, again the same one dump.

Tails Since I can’t take the baby, I, actually got a reward from tails thank you for tails how dumb you are, ha ha ha Sonic listen up, there is an ice ship in space this ship is the most powerful ship that can freeze any kind.

Of Planet including the Sun would you like to see the Sun turns to ice Sonic What would happen if I froze the Sun Sonic all the people will start to get cold that will not be very nice For the planet wouldn’t be Sonic said That would, be the stupidest thing you did Eggman how would you get Robotnik land then Eggman said good point.

On it, but I will find, another way around this by turning the planet to ice thanks for the Chaos Emerald catch you later I.

Just got to find, the other six and goodbye city & hello Robotnik land maybe the rest of them at the Mystic Ruins.


We go to the Mystic Ruins Eggman said. Baby Gaius. Teleport Crazy, Billy said if he gets those other Chaos Emeralds work done for Sonic we might need to head to the Mystic Ruins shall we head there and hunt those Chaos Emeralds Before Eggman gets his hands on them Amy Said Where do you think you’re going sonic.

Sonic said the Mystic Ruins or else we got to find the Chaos Emeralds before the madman gets it.

Amy said you can’t go out there without his supplies what. supplies Amy said Ho.

Sonic did you ever learn when you were a baby, what kind of need you need it and what’s with the mother do to keep you clean. sonic sad uh.

That you could be right on that then let’s go back to my house and pick up some for him it’ll keep him clean on your journey he will probably need it if you know how to take care of him.

I could Take him back from you if you like no way.

I can take care of him Amy said are you sure Sonic.

You could take care of him on your journey.

Because if you run out of supplies like diapers you can come to my house and pick up Some or buy it at the store or the market or pick up some at the daycare for him so.

Let go pack your supplies in this book bag you could take with you on your journey so if you ever need to you know where to stop at you got that Sonic.

Sonic said got that loud and clear Amy let’s go to your house and pick up.

Some Amy said.

And the book back for you Sonic said Ready tails.

Ready when you are Sonics let go Tail said: Sonic this is happening all over again when Eggman returns back to City Square has a little plot on his hands.

This must be the worst spot to be at. this must be his favorite city to take over Sonic said that is Eggman for you he doesn’t get enough of City Square.

Tail Said that must be truth Sonic anyway Sonic I can’t tag along with you from here you got to go on your own on this one.

Sonic said what’s the matter tails why not come along with me tails said there was some mission I have to go through and I gotta take her with me.

Sonic Said to whatever this mission is tails we can help you on the way. tails said no sonic this is for me only.

Sonic said are you sure tails it could be dangerous for you out there whatever this thing you after Thank you so much Sonic but this missions only for me and her.

So we can handle it Sonic. sonic said are you sure tails. we can help you from there tails said no Sonic is best for me and her to do this on our own tails left and Amy said Where is tails heading to Sonic said some sort of mission.

Amy said what kind of mission could that be sonic said I really don’t know Amy send? The Mysterious, whatever that mission could be it, must be very important for him.

Anyway Sonic let’s go to my house so we can pick your book bag with supplies I wonder if tails needed a book back for her too.

Sonic said I think it’s too late to catch him.

We can’t not let him be out there without supplies for her what if she gets a rash or starts to cry without food. Sonic I want you to take the Bookbag to him if you ever see him again sonic would you do that.

Sonic said sure I need to find out what trails is mission could be.

Amy said then let’s go to my house we will head down to middle city square.

Sonic said are you sure you want to go to middle City Square I met a big bully out there that was coming to get him.

Amy said and what could this possibly be Sonic said it was a parasite.

Amy said you mean that discussing Hedgehog.

Sonic said yeah parasite we bumped into each other last night he was on his way to capture baby greed, Amy said it must have been that revenge, that he was talking about sonic, said and what this revenge could be Amy Well, it all started at the past parasites was Defeated against greed the Hedgehog and he’s looking for his revenge against him a terrible brutal fight and if he finds him he’s going to hurt him.

Sonic said well he’s just a baby now there’s no possible way that the parasite could have revenge out of this child.

Amy said well Sonic. sorry I don’t know about that is best that you take care of him and keep an eye on him. sonic said Amy if you had baby greed you know what happened if I was not around.

Amy said and what kind of problem can I have.

Sonic said well for starters you have a problem with parasite he will come after you and I won’t be around To save baby greed I guess I’ll have to take him on my way.

Amy said I don’t think so you’re not taking him back on this one I gotta settle parasites for this one.

Sonic said oh really.

Amy he belongs at my house, but but you’re right about something he’s your baby and my too you got that Sonic don’t try to put the baby against parasite because that’s not going to work trying to run off with him so I won’t be around him not going to work I suggest you bring them back every night or I will hunt you down I’m taking him from you and give you a bad beating.

Sonic said who Amy when did you become king of the city over baby greed Amy said you heard what I sense Sonic are you won’t be able to take them with you wherever you go ever again let’s go to my house we’re going to Big Town Boulevard square from there City Square let’s go Sonic before I change my mind and take them home with me sonic said whoa.

When does she have the power over that baby? Amy said are you coming Sonic or do I have to come back there and take him from you I’m making sure he’s doesn’t get hurt Sonic said.

I’m coming Amy as Sonic and baby greed and Amy went through the big town Boulevard square.

They made it to her house


1 middle city fight

2 Amy house

Square Park

4 Park Fight against Egg Man Red Scorpion

High Tide

Special Stage Fusion Crystal Race

Mystic Ruins

City Square

Big Town Boulevard square

Special Stage Diamond in the sky Night