Zare said this cannot be no.>_<;

Sonic and baby greed diffuse they use up.

All there energy to stopping zare, the master fusion emerald crystal, and the rest of them.

Has disappeared, back into the planet underwater, turn to stone to regenerate their energy, but the big one has returned back to the waters.

Super Sonic and super baby greed as diffused back to level 1.

They turned to stone for 3 months before they can be used again.

The fusion crystals are very powerful using up all the energy, could turn the stone, for the big one won't be one of them But.

Don't worry the only turn to stone because the mastered Fusion emerald crystal join them.

That's why they turn to stone, but if the master fusion emerald crystal didn't join them, they wouldn't turn, to stone they have unlimited energy only if the.

Master fusion emerald crystal, didn't join them, they wouldn't turn to stone, It is very difficult, to spot the fusion emerald crystal When Its turn to stone.

Super Baby Greed said We did it daddy, but he still floating in space like a fish What's the matter daddy, you don't look so happy super Sonic Said  Stay next to me baby greed, I think he's not finished.-/-'!!

Zare said oh grr those' rotten ape. >.<!!

Super Baby Greed said Daddy, he's getting up what are we going to do zare said Well, now it seems you're not strong, anymore you're back to being small little flies I had dinner waiting on the table for you I'm going to Finally, feast on your body little baby.

Baby greed said Daddy he is going to eat me, don't let him eat me. >;_;< !?

Supersonic said don't worry, he's not coming near you I'll make sure of that.

Zare said Really little one You think your father is going to protect you I think not Come to me Baby Greed))))))))) O_O!!.

Baby greed said daddy help meeeee)))) >;_;< !?. 

Supersonic, punched Zare in the stomach really, hard Zare said oh no.(oдolll)

Baby greed said You Turned into super hyper (;_;)?!.

Super hyper Sonic said, You want to make another move.

Zare said Sonic did you know I froze your feet’s.

Hyper Sonic said what, no.

Yes, I did, I froze your feet's.

That is really tough to break.

That you  Can’t not break.

You fell right into my trap.

It is one of  my strongest powers. ^_^

Super  Hyper Sonic said oh no. Baby greed  run))). (:゚Д゚)!?

Zare said  I don't think so gates of wall))))))).

There is no escape little one say your last breath.

To see this world one last time and, your superpowers cannot hold me All those nightmares, are finally coming true to you they were all this time.

Sonic said leave him alone.!!

Baby greed said Daddy help meeeee.!? >: _: <

Zare said help me.

Help yourself when you get into my stomach come here.

baby greed said let go of meee. 

Zare said come here I want your daddy to see you in my stomach and come out as a monster like me.

Sonic look at your son one last time all those tears coming from his face,

he smells so delicious and I think he did something even better.

It's going to be delicious green filet.

Super hyper Sonic said You will not get away with this.

Zare said, oh really you white hedgehog I am getting away with it.

There is no one out here can stop me.

And once he becomes one of me he's going to call me daddy.

And guess what he's going to do next he's going to take you and devour you as dinner.

The baby needs to eat and the baby does have a big mouth once he becomes one of me.

You will fit just right in a baby stomach ha ha ha.

Baby greed said. I will not eat you daddy, I promise.

Zare said, Won't eat him you have no other choice you go crazy for something. 

To eat a baby needs to eat Once you become one of me.

You can't remember who you are you actually died.

And then become possessed by me You will, lose control of yourself for something to eat.

Say goodbye to the protector sonic the hedgehog.

Baby greed the hedgehog.

Baby greed said daddy help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhh.......>;_;<!?

Super hyper Sonic said (; ゚Д゚) noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.!?

Shadow the Rock Master said chaos transfer control.

Tikal Ashley now))))) Zare said what, my dinner  noooo.

Baby greed said  thank you shadow you save me.

Shadow the Rock Master said I only saved you because I have a true Revenge, when you grow up I'm coming after you when you grow up.

I want nothing to happen to my.


Zare you cross the line with my adversary do it now Tikal Ashley))))).

Tikal said This where it ends evil creature trying Destroy this whole entire galaxy and the baby is your last day of light.

Zare said What, do you mean by that My last day of light Ashley said Your future ends.

Here you're never going, to get him and destroyed.


All the people on the world and galaxy and now you want to take this one out, it's not going to happen this is your last day of light

Tikal said, what we are talking about creature of the darkness evil monster of demons.

Master Emerald come forth.

Ashley said  Master of the Mirror jewel of the second sealed come forth.

Zare said What, is this, hokey pokey ahhh noo. Let. Go my arms. ヽ(`Д´)ノ!!

Tikal said this is where it takes, you never to. 

Return you going to be locked away for a long time in the Master Emerald.

And Ashley said and the sealed would lock.

You away completely of the mirror jewels.

Zare said you can't hold me this thing is not strong enough to put me in there.

Ashley said shadow I need you to destroy the ice with freezing sonic shoes I need his help.

Shadow said very well, move little baby of my adversary, chaos spear shadow broke the ice of Sonic shoes.

Super hyper Sonic said thanks, shadow said my target is not you sonic.

The Baby is.

When he grows up I'm coming after him, but a watch him because.

He's going to get a beating from me.

Ashley Tikal said hold him, put him in there we need your help Shadow said yes)).

Super hyper Sonic said?.

Shadow said, come on Sonic I don't want my Adversary to be on a plate in his stomach. 

Baby greed said Okay, let's get him

Shadow said I don't think so.

Baby greed Stay here.

Don't go any closer to him

baby greed said But you need my help shadow.!?

Shadow said don't you worry, we can take care of it where you need to be is in your crib and grow up.

When you get back home Amy putting you to bed he.

Baby greed said oh man I hate you shadow (* - -)*!!.

Zare said where are you doom I need your help?.

Doom said Very well,  i will take the bugs down shadow the Rock Master said oh, really. Take this Doom, doom said (oдolll) ahhhh.

Zare said doom noooo.

Shadow the Rock Master said I hope, you enjoyed the sealed with him Zare said (*´>д<) I will not be a prisoner of the sealed, without taking somebody with me and I chose  (*´>д<)!!

Him And the second story game mode started ***Completed***