Super sonic by pho3nixsfm-d9k46ct

A new power is been detected that sonic can now use.

There is another super.

That relies on energy to keep me super. However, long the energy can hold.

It's like I don't need chaos emeralds anymore, I have the energy in the child.

Of Baby Greed The Hedgehog

But still got to hunt them.

Mysteries of this child, I can becomes super anywhere I like. But how long can I stay in the super form I don't even waste rings only the child waste twin rings. 

I can't go be on his level I will be stuck as super.

But if I reach level VI I will awaken something greater than a super.

There is so much mysteries of the child.

Including awaking new super powers that I can learn from the temples.

I just got to help him pass the test how many temples are there.

Out there, it's a mystery to me all I could do is hunt them with him.

In this fusion what relies on the fusion to a super.

There are two of us that are super now. 

A fusion could become greater. Then a Super That I can seek and awaken my true power.

Last is my new thing to saving the world, I must protect that power.

From evil hands.