THE OSL Telan Devik

Parmission has been Granted.

This is your room in the OSL.


Welcome  To Telan Dvilk Zone

1 let's start the first round of the double agents.

2 Round 2 Let's Groove The Road Hit It

3 Round 3 Let's Travel to the virtual world. Let's hit it

4 Round 4 It's Getting Slow In Here. It's Time To Go Up The Elevator. Hit It

5 Round 5 It looks like we're at the Mall. It's Really Getting sparking Good. Hit It

6 Round 6 Let's cruise into the city where we can groove the night away. Hit It

7 Round 7 Let's give it a victory to cat. Let's move. Hit It

8 Round 8 Do you like to go Grassland Speed Then let's Hightail With Grassland

9 Round 8 Look like it Apaache bringing the fun to you the. OSL is were all the fun is at for everyone. Hit It

10 Round 10 The Final Round It's time to come back to earth and cruise along on the final night Let'm make it a good one Hit It


Bonus Track

What a great display in the 10th round. It is time to increase the music. With bonus track round

these tracks are even longer. How could you stand out and his awesome track.

Let's see. Start the bonus round.

1 Bonus Round 1

It is time to play the game. Are you ready to play a video game let's see how good you are in Hi scores Hit It

2 Bonus Round 2 it is time to return home and play some music. How good can we be against the world. A harder round is beginning. It is time to shine lets rule. Hit It

3 Bonus Round 3 This is it people the final round it's all to EXTREME

lettuce jam with the final round. With Retro illuminated. Hit It is All for The Win


1 Telan Devik Double Agent From Attack Of The Synthians EP

2 Telan Devik - Fiat Focus ( From "Hybrid cars Vol. 2") (Special Video Activated OSL Is Heating Up On Telan Devik)

Telan Devik - Fiat Focus ( From "Hybrid cars Vol

Telan Devik - Fiat Focus ( From "Hybrid cars Vol. 2")

3 Telan Devik - Kia Passat ( From "Hybrid cars Vol. 2" )

4 Telan Devik - LoFia Soren - Slow elevators

5 Telan Devik - LoFia Soren - Suspended

6 Telan Devik - Edited funk part II 💀 (Vaporwave) 💀

7 Telan Devik - Final Justice (From "Retro illuminated Vol. 2 EP" )

8 Telan Devik - Grassland ( From Hi scores EP. Vol. 2 )

9 Telan Devik - Apaache - Cosmic Crew ( Telan Devik Remix )

10 Telan Devik - Edited funk part II 💀 (Vaporwave) 💀

11 Telan-Devik-Edited-Funk-part-III-Vaporwave



1 Telan Devik - Hi scores EP. Vol. 2

2 Telan Devik - 6 hit combo EP

3 Telan Devik - Retro illuminated EP (Fever Telan Devik Is Heating Up Video Activated)

Telan Devik - Retro illuminated EP

Telan Devik - Retro illuminated EP


Congratulations to the Winners.

Thank You All For Playing In

Telan Devik ZONE

From first round to 4 is easy OK.

From the 5th to 9 is Normal.

From 10 and 11 is hard

From the bonus is hard 1 to 2.

From The Bonus 3 EXTREME Hardest.

There You Go Game Set ***Completed***