Special Characters could be only humans or.

Mostel human


First Humans Characters

Special Characters are from children's to adults.

1 Children's Characters That are.

(Baby and Kids)


1 ***Special Baby***

Special Baby

Are Different Then (Earth Planets).

And comes from a different planet to has a different boundaries.

Special Baby

Had the power to be Smart, Walk, Talk, Move Around Like Adults, And Eat like adults.

They can also faked themselves to be a real baby on the earth world.


(Special Baby Of The Pink Planer)

1 Do they still have to wear a diaper how age they are.

2 Yes

3 their insights are still small.

So there will be stuck on them for the rest of their lives.

4 Can they still fall in love at this age and get married to

5 Yes*****

6 Can they wear and adults clothe

7 No

Their body are soft that has a baby touch.

There skins are soft there is no point for that.

Whatever age they are there body remain soft until they die.

It All (Baby Clothe For him).:-)

8 Can they wear other clothes lnstead of their baby clothes. ?

9 Yes

As long as it's soft and comfortable for him or her.

10 can baby clothes be upgraded increased armor strength for them ?

11 yes

Child First Level Armor

This is the first Child Level 1 Armor.

Is supposed to help you

stand up against (sonic the hedgehog)

Remember this armor is not strong against sonic.

Even if it was at maximum power And Level 100/200 it only get likely.

Thats slightly to survival.

if you are taking on sonic team in a two player mode.

You have to survive a strategy to take them down.

It is best to have a mximum armor and maximum capacity.

To stand out in a fight longer against sonic team.

12 is Our advantage even with sonics team and the defense

12 Advantage No

Defense No Your Defenses is higher than's sonic team.

13 can soft baby clothes be upgraded like this one to become.

A strong armor like the adult armor ?

14 Yes like this baby clothes in the picture it can become the strongest armor out there with the.