The Sword of Nigtmare Entei

The sword of nightmare entei

If the chosen one holds the sword.

It will call you its master.

And the creatures of the nightmare.

Like Sonic EXE


Level 0/250


The sword of nightmare entei

Can be incredibly strong.


Normal Attack

Making Normal Attack.

Possible get you a critical hit.

At the Enemy


Travel Through Nightmares

It has the power to open up

Dreamworld and enter nightmares to cross over to pass.

To get across enemies.


Fear Attack

Making Heavy Attack Blows.

Makes The Enemy Fall To Its.

Knees Against Nightmares


Tear Blade Attack

Makes The Enemy Fall Even.

Further Down Its Nightmare

Whole Given The Sweep Blade.

Attack Makes The Enemy Fall To The Ground.


Call Upon Its Monster Team

It can summon any kind of.

Creature in nightmares or the.

Real world from it sword.

To come for your aid.

To fight beside you.


Summon The Blue Nightmare EXE

From its darkest nightmare.

Bring forth Sonic EXE.

To Fight Beside You.


Nightmare Sentence Dark Nightmare Hole

The sword will create a nightmare hole.

To Slade The Enemy Down.

Making some heavy.

Damages to the enemy as he's getting Critical Hits.


Sword Of Dark Hand Attack

Making Hundreds Of Attack At the Enemy To Finish Him.


Nightmare Healing

The Sword Has A Healing

Power That Will Restore Your HP And Your Team


Revive Of The Dead

This Sword Will Revive Your Party Or You 1 Time Only


Not Available in GR

(Special Move The Horror Of Nightmare King)

Summon The Dark King Of.

Nightmares Bring Forth The.

Giant King Of Nightmare To.

Destroy The Enemy And Crush Its Body.


Nightmare Defense Up

Increase Your Defense 10 Time.

And You'll Be As Hard As A Stone


Special Move Final Nightmare

Call Upon Your Friends Exe.

And Make A Final Strike Blow.

End His Life With One Shot.



Completed The Swords Power